Attributes help define your characters core statistics such as how strong,
how smart and how lucky your character is in the game. These
attributes are primarily based on your class and cannot be raised above
the races MAX value for each core attribute available.

You have Strength (STR), Wisdom (WIS), Dexterity (DEX), Intelligence (INT),
Constitution (CON), Luck (LUC) and Charaisma (CHA). Each plays a role
in your characters ability to function and grow.


One of the most confusing aspects of attributes that confuses players is
how equipment plays a role in attributes when they give you +5 to DEX
or -3 to STR. This is because of the buffer. As mentioned before, you
cannot go past your MAX value for your race. You will likely be at MAX value
for every attribute available to you from level 1 in this game. So, how does
bonus to attributes actually work?

Easy. The buffer refers to all your + or - attribute modifiers that sit on top
of your MAX values. That means if you have +5 to DEX and your MAX DEX
for your race is 30, then you 30 + 5 DEX. It does not mean you have 35 DEX.
It means the game only acknowledges 30 DEX when doing checks.

Now that you know that. Let's say you get hit by a disease weapon flag
that does -3 DEX. Let's also say that you are trying to use a skill like RUB
that uses your DEX to succeed. You may fear that -3 DEX is going to impact
your RUB skill, but it doesn't because of the +5 buffer you have on top of your
already MAX 30 DEX your race has.

Your character is not truly impacted until that buffer is completely negated
by other affects. For example, if you have the same 30 + 5 DEX and you get
hit with -10 DEX from a debuff, then you may actually fail your RUB because
your DEX is now 25.

The rule of thumb is always keep your attributes positive. Always remember
that skills and spells use attributes to succeed. And of course, use items and
buffs that increase your buffer depending on your class, race and opponents
you are fighting.

Showing Buffer

Unfortunately, we do not show you your buffer at this time.
You must manually calculate or assume your buffer based on
spells, skills and other modifiers to your character.

When you do lose your buffer due to negative modifications,
your attribute will lower on your score. This is to help
you understand your true attribute value per attribute.

Abilities (Skills/Spells)

As you guessed it, skills and spells use attributes to succeed
or to fail when used in the game, especially combat.
Skills like Rub and Circle depend on your DEX for example.
Other skills may depend on STR and CON. Always know what impacts what.


Use of potions to cure negative modifiers is recommended.
This is because everything from skills to weapons can lower
your attributes. Potions can cure these negative effects.
For example, cure poison will remove poison debuffs that
cause -STR on your character. The same for cure disease
where -DEX is applied to your character over time.

Keeping positive attribute values is your key to success.

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