Awesome Pants!!!

This quest has simply been designed to get you out to collect items, connect them at the Artificer in Solennir, and make the item "AWESOME PANTS!!!".

First Step: Collect Pant Legs and Waist Band

Pant Legs are made up of:

  1. Sheepskin Blanket (from Doomwool/Sherwood Forest)
  2. Golden Scissors (Inari/Sherwood Forest).

Waist Band is from BoyGirl in Effeminate Dwarf.

Connect "Pant Legs" and "Waist Band" to make the item "Pair of Pant Legs".

Second Step: Collect Crotch Piece

The Crotch Piece is made up of the Cod Piece and the Piece of Ass.

  1. Cod Piece
  • Ant Thorax (Fire Ant Queen/The Isles)
  • Magical Thread (Ylia/Xarahad).
  1. Piece of Ass
  • Swagger (Butch Fairy/Effeminate Dwarf)
  • Pheromones (Sticky Woman/Castle Decadence)

Final Step: Connect Pair of Pant Legs and Crotch Piece to make AWESOME PANTS!!!

[Name] awesome pants
[Short description] AWESOME PANTS!!!
[Wear bits ] take legs
[Extra bits ] hum dark
[Weight ] 25/ 25/ 25 (10th pounds)
[Level ] 101 [Cost ] 10000 [Condition] 100
[Pierce] 35 [Bash] 35 [Slash] 35 [Magic] 35
[ 1] affect: mods dexterity by 3, level 101 permanently.
[ 2] affect: mods hp by 500, level 101 permanently.
[ 3] affect: mods armor class by -40, level 101 permanently.
[ 4] affect: mods saves by -5, level 101 permanently.
[ 5] affect: mods damage roll by 35, level 101 permanently.
[ 6] affect: mods hit roll by 35, level 101 permanently.
[ 7] affect: affect: mods none by 0, level 101 permanently.
Adds asshair shield.

The items load at a 50% rate, so it will take a while to gather and collect the items.

Have fun!

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