Battlereign Trophy
The legendary Battlereign Trophy is acquired by collecting and 
connecting various Battlereign cards located in Nocturne Keep
There are 2 different Queens, Kings, Jokers and Aces. Most of 
these cards load on the trash mobs running around the zone
However, there may be a card that loads on a boss mob....
Collect all of the Battlereign cards to receive this awesome 
equipment, but beware - Cards can be stolen and looted!
A table in Nocturne Keep holds a checklist of cards to be collected. It reads: 

The Red Joker
The Black Joker
Ace of Knights
Ace of Dragons
King of Swords
King of Shields
Queen of Frost
Queen of Fire

The Red Joker has a 10% chance of loading on Lieutenant Pelgrin in the room Pelgrin's Chambers (Pelgrin is gateable).

The Black Joker has a 10% chance of loading on Ciran, in the Chambers of the First Sword (Ciran is longer gateable).

The Ace of Knights, Ace of Dragons, King of Swords, King of Shields, Queen of Frost, and Queen of Fire (all 30-50% chances of loading) load on Patrolling Knights and other various mobs, which load around the area.

Now you have to connect the cards

First Connect

Red Joker and Black Joker = Pair of Jokers
Ace of Knights and Ace of Dragons = Pair of Aces
King of Swords and King of Shields = Pair of Kings
Queen of Frost and Queen of Fire = Pair of Queens

Second Connect

Pair of Aces and Pair of Jokers = Aces and Jokers
Pair of Kings and Pair of Queens = Kings and Queens

Last Connect

Aces and Jokers and Kings and Queens = Battlereign Trophy.

The stats on the Battlereign Trophy are:

[Name] battlereign trophy
[Short description] a Battlereign Trophy
[Wear bits   ] take float
[Extra bits  ] glow hum magic bless no_locate burn_proof
[Weight  ]  10/ 10/ 10 (10th pounds)
[Level  ]   101    [Cost    ]   100000    [Condition] 100
[Pierce]  50 [Bash]  50 [Slash]  50 [Magic]  50
[ 1] affect: mods hit roll by 40, level 101 permanently.
[ 2] affect: mods damage roll by 40, level 101 permanently.
[ 3] affect: mods saves by -4, level 101 permanently.
[ 4] affect: mods hp by 450, level 101 permanently.
[ 5] affect: mods mana by 450, level 101 permanently.
[ 6] affect: mods moves by 450, level 101 permanently.
[ 7] affect: mods strength by 3, level 101 permanently.
[ 8] affect: mods dexterity by 3, level 101 permanently.
[ 9] affect: mods intelligence by 3, level 101 permanently.
[10] affect: mods none by 0, level 101 permanently.
     Adds prism shield.
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