Bear Spirit
SPELL                        Group: Benedictions
Never alone in combat, Guardians are able to call upon animal spirits
to guide them.  Guardians may call upon the spirits of the wolf, the 
owl, the bear and the lion.  

    -Owl Spirit: the owl, known for it's wisdom bestows protection
    and knowledge upon the caster.  Spell adds saves, wis and int.

    -Wolf Spirit: the wolf is known for his ferocity in battle,
    this spirit will add hitroll and damroll bonuses.

    -Bear Spirit: the bear, known for it's brutal strength
    grants the caster a huge bonus to str, but incurs a penalty to

    -Lion Spirit: the lion, king of the animals, provides the
    most diverse aid to a player.  Adding con, dex, wis, int, str
    and a large bonus to hitpoints as well.

Classes and levels for bear spirit:
ranger      : 101 guardian    : 90
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