Syntax: biomanipulation <ability>

Seers - masters of the mind and body. They are able to exert so much
control over their bodies so as to be able to perform nearly
super human deeds. Such uses are not without their toll, as it takes
tremendous focus and will to maintain these states.

(Bio-Feedback) The ability to turn any pain into pleasure.
(Deaden Pain) The ability to lessen the pain so the body can repair 
(Cell Adjust) By rearranging the structure of their muscles
              a psion can lift the even the most heavy of object easily.
(Adrenaline Rush) Focusing, a seer can flood their bloodstream with
                  adrenaline, making their responses much quicker.
(Flesh Armor) The ability to knit ones own flesh till it becomes as
              hard and resilient as any armor.


Classes and levels for biomanipulation:
mystic      : 25  seer        : 15
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