Note: All bow weapon types are two-handed.

Airbow Harmattan/Air Castle Keep Gerin, the Thespian 100/100 -2 350/350/350 AC -20/Con +5 Sharp Shocking Obfucaste Fatigue
Bow named 'Defilement' Defilement/Negative Plains off Nether Nightmare Dragon 100/100 -4 250/250/250 AC -33 Accursed Rotting Light Depletion 9wn2wd2wn4d3ws
Bow of the Gypsies Sliver/Wood Gypsy Camp Hidden in room "On the River" 100/100 -5 350/350/350 AC -20/Dex +2/Wis +3 Sharp Accursed Jinx Fatigue 9es4e3sw24s2e
Bow of Hope Impalement/Pierce Realm of the Fallen Raiden's Ghost 100/100 -5 350/350/350 AC -20/Dex +5 Earth Accursed Shocking Depletion 8w2sw2sw2s3e2nw2nu3w3n3es2wse
Compound Bow Blistering/Fire Black Crag Mountains Slaymire 100/100 -5 350/350/350 AC -20/Dex +5 Flaming Accursed Shocking Depletion
Dark Druid's Bow Furor/Mental Enchanted Forest Dark Druid, Ceramon 100/100 -2 350/350/350 AC -15/Wis +2/Con +3/Cha +3/Haste Flaming Fatigue Vorpal Osmosis 9es5e2ne3nenwswnenwnw2esws3enene3s4esw3sw
FrostBow Shivers/Cold Ice Battlements Hidden in room "A Tunnel in the Ice" 100/100 -2 350/350/350 AC -15/Dex +2/Cha +2/Luc +3 Frost Vorpal Shocking Rotting 10sw4se2s4es2e2ue4se4wnd2n
Holy Bowses Banishing/Holy The Isles Recluse 100/100 -4 250/250/250 AC -33 Fatigue Wpoison Sharp Flaming
Horror Bow Malady/Disease Forest of Horrors Manes 100/100 -2 500/500/500 Con +3/Int +5/Armor -20 Vampiric Shocking Wpoison Osmosis 10sw4se5se3s3uws2w4ne2n2e2snw3s2w2swnws2wn2wneswse
Iron Bow /Iron Enchanted Forest Dark Druidess, Ferra 100/100 -2 350/350/350 AC -20/Con +5 Acidic Shocking Obfucaste Fatigue 9es5e2ne3nenwswnenwnw2esws3enene3s7en
Lightning Bow Squirt/Drowning The Isles Recluse 100/100 -4 250/250/250 AC -33 Shocking Rotting Light Depletion
Oaken Bow Buzz/Sound Ice Hallow Archer 100/100 -2 500/500/500 AC -20 Light Sharp Rotting Shocking nd11nu4es3wesw2ne4ne2nwnen
Ocean Bow Squirt/Drowning The Isles Recluse 100/100 -4 250/250/250 AC -33 Vampiric Osmosis Acidic Fatigue
Oviraptor Bow Vomit/Acidic Jurassis Oviraptor 100/100 -4 250/250/250 AC -33/Str +2/Con +2 Vorpal Acidic Depeletion Jynx
Phoenix Bow Vomit/Poison Ruins of Hrathis Phoenix 100/100 -2 350/350/350 AC -15/Str +3/Luc +2/Dex +3 Flaming Wpoison Obfuscate Rotting 8w2sw2sw13s11wd11esuswu2enwu2w
Plain Wooden Bow Thwack/Bash Solennir Apprentice Weaponsmith 100/100 3en
Rainbow Bow of Angst and Happiness and Greed and Crankiness Passion/Energy Chaos Vale Blob of Green Jello 100/100 -2 350/350/350 AC -15/Wis +2/Con +3/Cha +3/Haste Flaming Vampiric Vorpal Osmosis
Recurved Bow Terra/Earth Shady Breezes Park Azelaar 100/100 -2 500/500/500 AC -20 Earth Sharp Rotting Shocking 9es5e2n11e7nws
Robin Hood's Bow Thump/Bash Sherwood Forest Robin Hood 100/100 -2 350/350/350 AC -15/Str +3/Luc +2/Dex +3 Flaming Sharp Shocking Exhaustion 9w2nw3nwne2n3w2nwne2sesws2w3u4wu
Shadow Bow Murkiness/Shadow Realms of Nether Shadow Beast 100/100 -2 500/500/500 Con +3/Int +5/Armor -20 Accursed Shocking Wpoison Osmosis 9wn2wd2wn4d2en
Silver Elven Longbow Silverwave/Silver The Fortress Elven Ranger 100/100 -4 250/250/250 AC -33 Jinx Wpoison Sharp Flaming
Slash…of the Titanics Slash/Slash Chaos Vale Pear Slice 100/100 -5 350/350/350 AC -20/Dex +5 Sharp Vorpal Shocking Obfuscate
Well-made Wooden Bow Shining/Light Merrall Township Cowboy 100/100 -4 250/250/250 AC -33/Str +2/Con +2 Vorpal Rotting Light Jynx 10sw4se5sw3s2e4s

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