Buddha Palm
It is said, in rumors and legends, that there was
once a special fighting skill developed for senseis, this skill was so
powerful that it was written on a scroll and that, that scroll was guarded
in a Buddhist temple.  However many years ago, in the in the battle between
the Seven and the Devil that temple was lost to the Void, a place few
venture into and fewer still survive.  Recently though a group of the
bravest and most powerful explorers ventured into the Void and returned with
a single piece that was proof of their journey.  It was a scroll they
returned with...  The very same scroll that could show one how to summon
and focus the power of Buddha to their hands.  The scroll said that once the
Buddha's power is focus that a sensei can strike out at anything and that it
will be burned, perhaps blinded even.

Classes and levels for buddha palm:
sensei      : 65
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