Bugbear Lair
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Bugbear Lair ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Pound for pound, muscle for muscle, bugbears are stronger, sneakier 
and far more unpredictable than their other goblinoid cousins. They 
are brutal guerrillas who strike fast and fade away, bursting onto the 
scene to wreak terrible havoc before vanishing. If they could ever unite 
under a single banner, or maintain the military discipline of the 
hobgoblins, they would shake the heavens with their rage. But do not be
unwary around them, for they are fierce enemies.  If you are brave enough,
dare to enter their lair and unlock the secrets of the bugbear race.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Bugbear Lair ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Recommened Levels: 20-50      Builder: Alecca

From Solennir: 10sw4s2ede

Portal:  sd4wn
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