Castle Keep
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Castle Keep ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Castle Keep was a small kingdom that was fated to be destroyed when a
sadistic wizard poured down fire and brimstone.  However, it was
saved at the last moment by a mysterious force, which elevated a
small portion of the kingdom above the clouds, and into safety.
Now the remaining survivors enjoy a life of peace and serenity.
It has also been told that the one who saved the kingdom still
secretly resides in the clouds, making sure evil never falls
upon this frail but prosperous place again.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Castle Keep ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Level Range:  81-90           Builder:  Nevalis

From Solennir: 10sw5se4se3s3unw7n8en4es3w6n4esw2se2ne2s, enter gate

Portal:  sd3wn
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