Changes 2004

July 14, 2004

-Leaderboard now ranks people in 3 categories, pkp, kills/deaths and arena record. The kills and arena rankings are based on an average score based on your record.

Syntax is leaderboard

You can also filter a single class so it only shows rankings for that particular class

Syntax is leaderboard

Lastly, you can look up a single character and see their ranking in each category.

Syntax for this is leaderboard char

You need at least 101 pkps, 5 kills, 10 arena wins to get on each board. The board had to be cleared so you all have to get a kill or take part in an arena to get on it again.

July 9, 2004

-There is now a leaderboard for the highest pkpoints. It lists the top 20 players. It will list the players name, pkpoints, race, class and their clan. You will not be listed on the board until you either get a kill or be killed. You must also have at least 101 pkpoints to show up on the list. This list will save over reboot/copyover etc. Command to see leaderboard is …… leaderboard

July 6, 2004

-Clanpk board cleared. With some new clans its about time the clanpk records were cleared. Permanent records of old clanpk stats can be found in the hall of records, south of the entrance. (help area_best)

June 8, 2004

-Clan eq is now available at half the price in aqpts. Prices on helpfile.
June 6, 2004

-Claneq can now be purchased. Help clan_claneq has the prices and how you go about creating it. To buy a piece it's just like normal upgrades, post a note to us and we'll get it in when we can.
-Clan flags were also added to the halls, people outside of your clan won't be able to use items purchased at the shop, claneq, or the clan beds and things of that nature.

June 1, 2004

-Several Dreadlord skills toned down to balance the class:
Nethercraft warp can now miss if used when you cant see your opponent.
Demon Bite hits a little less often.
Ravage does less damage.
-Clans now have a monthly upkeep to pay. Costs are 2000 platinum and 100 qpts per member. PantaRhei will be in charge of collecting payments from you all. Failure to pay will mean disbanding of the clan.
-High level chunks for forge now load more often. It was almost impossible to get them before.
-Acid Flag is now stronger and damages eq faster. Repairs are now free.
-Gouge will now wear off almost instantly if you arent fighting.
-Skills can now increase by more than 1% a a time. A successful luck roll is required.
-High level chunks for forge now load more often. It was almost impossible to get them before.

May 28, 2004

-Paradox Mode has been disabled for now. It may be brought back in the future but only with some changes to make it more interesting.

May 25, 2004

-Load rates increased a bit but all mob loading items are now vis_death.
-Chunks that load on the ground:
Iron Ore
Silverlind Oak
Greenwood Moss
Jar of Saltwater
Granite Rock
Small lump of gold
Finely ground sand
Piece of Glacier Ice
Marshwater Clay
Glowing Lava Rock
Copper Ore
A Shard of unworked Glass

Chunks that load on mobs. Split into the 5 levels of quality - top group is the best.

Phoenix Feather
A Dragons Tooth

Starmetal Ingot
A Wyvern Scale
A Flawless Diamond

The horn of an Uktena
The Hoof of a Taurus
The Hair of a Seahag
The Pelt of a King Tiger

Blood of a Demon
An Uncut Emerald
A raw, uncut Ruby
A Shard of Obisidian

Small Phial of Quicksilver
A finely cut Crystal Shard
A raw piece of Jade
Some Magic Dust
Magnesium Ore

May 25, 2004

-First part of forge system is in. There are now a number of objects(chunks) that load throughout the mud. There are 30 different types altogether. 18 load on mobs, 12 on the ground depending on the sector of the area. You can collect these chunks and use them to forge new weapons and armour at the forge behind the weapons shop. You cannot forge anything just yet, this will take a few more days.

There are 5 levels of quality for the chunks, the higher level stuff loads much less often and usually only on tough mobs altho there are a few exceptions to that rule.

Everybodies carrying capacity has been increased to compensate for carrying the extra items around.

April 5, 2004

-Clans can now buy a Quest Banker mob which works very much like a normal banker but you deposit quest points instead. These are used to buy customisable clan equipment and maybe other things in the future. These new quest bankers cost 40k platinum just like a normal banker.

Commands are "cqdeposit #" to deposit some quest points and "cqbalance" to check on the balance. No clan members, even leaders, can withdraw the points. Immortals can only do this when you buy something.

April 1, 2004

-Upon reaching the level of Hero you now get a free set of basic hero equipment given to you automatically, check your inventory for a Thick Leather Pack.

April 1, 2004

-Chain lightning spell does 75% damage if a class other than sorc or bmage uses it.
-Battlemage gets summon spell.
-Faerie Fog can be cast while fighting.

March 17, 2004

-New Command, Survey. Lets you quickly check someones condition without having to look at them.
-Seers get Shield Levitation
-Flash affect level has been raised making it harder to cure.
-Mind Probe - If you flee while under the affect of mind probe you lose a chunk of your current hps
-Weapons that are disarmed using Redsteel now go to inventory during paradox.
-Clannies no longer see each other through shadowwalk/camo/chameleon in quests and arena.
-If you wake somebody at the temple/cots it is now logged. We've had too many complaints about spam waking lately.
-You only see the 'You sense someone in the room hiding in the shadows' message if you cannot see the person hiding.
-Shadowwalk now has success/fail messages when you use it.
-Doom spell has had its duration halved.

February 16, 2004

-Pyriel's Wrath lost nonmetal, destroy the old ones if you have one.
-Clans can now buy doors for 5k, but they are -not- lockable.

February 11, 2004

-Paradox Changes:
Disarmed weapons always go into inventory.
Heat Metal only makes victim remove items and not drop them to the floor.
Acid flag does not work at all.

February 7, 2004

-New command called 'recent', shows the last 20 pks (does not count paradox)
-Drunk talk taken off all global channels except Music and IC
-There is now an option in the battle command to turn off the BLEEDING message. Type battle bleeding.

January 29, 2004

-Race Changes:
Stygian: +2 int, bonus to maladiction spells
Avatar: +2 dex
Risen: +2 wis, +1 dex
Drow: -2 con
Banshee: +2 con
Jarim: -1 str, +3 int, +3 wis, -1 dex, -1 con, new Heightened Senses ability
Dao: -3 str, +2 int, +3 wis, +2 dex, -2 con
Avalonian: Excalibur is slightly stronger
Treant: Plant Roots slightly more effective
Aurora: Blinding Burst damage lowered and does not blind so often
Seer: Two new spells, Illusions and Mind Probe
Dreadlord: Nether Warp does not always daze, it can now miss. Chill of Despair jab effect toned down.
Bishop: Divinity mana cost upped from 100 to 300. Sever duration lowered slightly
Knights: Hack improved slightly
Wardancer: Sidestep will not work so good now
Sorc: Fixed pinvuln bug so you cant use resis/vulns against it to do damage
-Count command now only shows mortals.

November 25, 2003

-Recall now starts at 1%. You must practice it up and it can fail when you are fighting a mob.
-Dissolving Arrow damage has been reduced.
-Various dread bug fixes and typoes in dreadlords have been fixed.

November 22, 2003

-Dreadlord class complete and implemented. Third tier class only.

November 16, 2003

-Clan limit set at 15 members.
November 15, 2003

-New area: Hive of Festyance.
-Some areas have been expanded and tweaked.

October 15, 2003

-Corrupted Souls quest has been modfied so it can only be done as a solo quest. Souls are NOT to be transferred in any way, except by pk loot.

September 28, 2003

-You can now officially declare war on other clans. Should you take this action you can loot 3 more items and gain a higher percentage of pkpts of anyone you kill from a clan you are at war with. Of course this works both ways if you are killed by your enemy. War kills are now recorded seperately from solo and gang kills on clanpk. They all go in the same column, gang or solo does not matter when you are at war. Individual stats on clanpk now only count kills and not deaths.
The command for wars is 'clanwar' clanwar declare declares war on that clan clanwar surrender offers your surrender to that clan for whatever platinum you set clanwar surrender accept/decline will accept or refuse an offer for surrender that has been made to you
On clanpk there are records for for how many wars you have started, fought, won and lost. Also new is 'Power Rating'. It is a total of every members pkpoints. Average is the average pkpoints for the members of the clan. Clanpk records have been reset for this new start. Past records are in the Hall of Records.
-Loot limit is now 4. (7 for war kills)
-Soul Stitch upgrade does not work every round now.
-Vorpal has been fixed, it was bugged and did more damage than it should have.

September 4, 2003

-Some weapons have been tweaked:
+Howling sword: lost frost flag, gained obfuscate.
+Duty sword: lost noremove flag, dropped in weight
+Thief bazaar shop-sold weapons: all lost !drop, nouncurse. Also dropped in price.
-Can no longer sacrifice with a killed flag.

August 29, 2003

-You can now have your own personalised fatality messages for the small cost of 1500 quest points (15 restring tokens/quest pills). Your string will save over remorts. See an imm to get it set and remember it must be a roleplay message, nothing too silly or offensive.
-Orcs have a new racial skill called 'eadbutt. Its like a dirt kick based on strength rather than dexterity.

August 26, 2003

-Traps can't be set in guildhall.
-Powerstun and powerblind have shorter durations. You also cannot powerstun someone who is below 20% hps.
-Chain lightning and Project Force cannot be cast once you are below 5% hps, to prevent 'accidental' suicides.
-Call flame elementals can now be parried.
-Damage of most spells has been tweaked a little.
-Giants now randomly attack the town of Solennir!
-Corrupted Souls quest added.

July 28, 2003

-Roster size has been increased (aesthetics).
-Can no longer sacrifice with a killed flag.

July 18, 2003

-Silver, wood and iron will now count as weapon instead of magic damage. Bash, Pierce, Slash, Iron, Wood and Silver are weapon. Everything else is magic.

July 11, 2003

-New island discovered in The Isles!

July 8, 2003

-Clanpks are back in. It now records solo and gang clan kills. Type clanpk on its own to see stats. Also, type clanpk to see a more detailed list for that clan which gives individual contributions too.

July 1, 2003

-New skill:parrying blades (hooks:helps with disarming, notched:helps with parrying, barbs:has chance to damage the opponents armor and hurt his ability to hit and damage you and breakers:has a chance to damage the weapon it parries).

June 21, 2003

-Pkpoints: You will now receive less pkpoints for killing someone in a gang. It's still 25% for a solo kill, 15% if theres 2 killers, 10% for 3 killers, 5% for 4 killers and no pkpoints at all for 5 or more killers.
-Quaffing: You can now fumble and fail to quaff a potion whilst fighting. The potion is lost and you get the normal 1 round lag.
-Cartwheel: Cartwheel now works against spells cast from objects.

June 17, 2003

-Imm Quests which are being run now show in who.
-Healers: When they cast a spell, it hits every newbie in the room at the same time.
-Elf races: New racial trait, Fleet of foot. Allows them to ignore that little bit of lag as you walk around, so you move faster. Also lets you move a bit faster than normal when limped.
-Clan Command: clanbalancewipe: Clears all history of deposits for your clan bank. Does not reset the money in the bank, just the individual deposit records for each member.
-Clan Command: clanexile: Use this to declan a member who is offline. You cannot use this if the member is online and you cannot banish a member using it. It's there so you can remove members who have stopped logging and are stuck in your clan.

June 12, 2003

-Quest Equipment (QEQ) is now in! There is qeq for 5 wlocs only. Body, About, Patch, Head and Hands. Similar to Hero eq, there are pieces for saves, hps, hitroll/damroll and ac. You can also add an upgrade to any qeq, there are 7 to choose from now.
-Quest Upgrades are available:
Critical Magic: Adds damage to your spells.
Sleight of Mind: Chance to make spells cost 0 mana.
Mana Flux: Similar to soul stitch but for mana.
Fury: Chance to hit enemy with some nasty elemental hits.
Acceleration: Chance to get a big boost in the number attacks for one round
Wild Surge: Chance to make any spells you cast automatically work. (saves check fails for victim)
Soul Stitch: Slowly heal your hps, more effective as you get lower on health.

-Quest Sell Option: There is also a Quest sell option to sell back qeq for 80% of its original value. Upgrades are included in your sale price.

May 5, 2003

-Auras in for paladins

April 29, 2003

-Wardancers lost counterattack on Mist Dance
-Guardians: Call Flames now hits less often.
-Paladin: Gained shield levitation and Ray Of Truth now blinds victim of any alignment.
-Fleeing: Its now harder to flee, you can only attempt to flee 5/6 times a round.
-Sharp/Vorpal have a lesser affect on the damage of weapons.
-Vulns are not so severe now, they add less damage.
-Paradox: When killed in paradox you now spawn in a random room anywhere in the city of Solennir. No more spam killing in paradox start room.

April 28, 2003

-Ifreet has been removed, replaced by Dao. All of the old ifreet characters will have to remort.
-Avalonian gained vuln disease.
-Marid and Djinn both changed to medium size.
-Registerpk command in

April 22, 2003

-Deep Breathing: Toggles your draconians between single target and area attack.(area damage weaker than single target)
-New spells, Caustic Blast and Glacial Spike: Damage spells
-Ironskin: Can block physical attacks completely until it wears off.
-Catalyst was changed to twice a round, weaker damage.
-Spark was changed to area attack.
-Ambush now does bonus damage wielding spears.
-Backfire is castable twice a round.

April 19, 2003

-Recite for alchemist is back to once a round.
-Dispel magic and breach should hit spells more randomly.

April 16, 2003

-Alchemists: Can forage twice a tick, can recite twice a round, can zap twice a round, can hold up to 500 of each component.
-Blades: Circle damage lowered a tad.
-If you use a global channel your name will always show even if you are shadow walked, camoed, etc.
-Wary flag: Whenever someones is hit by backstab, ambush, charge, bastion or chromatic salvo they will get a flag which prevents anyone else using a similar attack until a number of rounds have passed. The flag will also vanish if fighting stops.

April 3, 2003

-Beast - A new racial trait, they do more melee damage as they become lower on hps.
-Avalonian and Jarim - Stats upped slightly.
-Wood Elf - added vuln iron.
-High Elf - added vuln disease.
-Drow - added vuln poison.
-Marid - vuln changed to cold.
-Minotaur - Gore improved a tad, added regeneration.
-Seers - Flash is now curable. No longer drains hp/mana/move.
-Blades - Blade dance no longer autodisarms, its just a parry skill now.
-New clan: Fenris Wolves

March 30, 2003

-Restring tokens can now be purchased at the quest master.
-Stygians can now have free maladictions (fixed)

March 27, 2003

-You can now get a display of what weaves you are using in your prompt, use %W
-You can only change alignment to 0. To get to evil or good, you must kill mobs.

March 26, 2003

-Calls for guardians - Can only have a limited number of each call. 3 flame/sea and 3 earth/air.

March 25, 2003

-Awen changed to cast-self only and unempowerable
-Warcry improved
-You can no longer restring quest equipment. If you have the prize from the dragon legend quest and and its restrung, see an imm to get a new one and get your qpoints reimbursed.
-Gremlins lost resis energy.
-Aurora had stats changed around a bit.
-Alchemists brewed potions cannot be destroyed by earth flag.
-Duration of cripple was lowered slightly.

March 18, 2003

-Sleep traps were removed, use blackjack to sleep people.
-Snare traps now stop you moving if you hit one.
-Platinum costs for vitrify lowered a bit.
-Wardancers and mist dance - less attacks will work when using this dance.
-Damage on a few spells were upped so they are now worth using.

March 12, 2003

PWIPE for new changes which include:
-Revamped and new classes (more are still in the works!)
-New races separated by alignment
-No stock areas and a new hometown named Solennir ( for a map - yes we know it's ugly)
-Less areas (less places to hide, easier to find victims)
-Exciting new skills, spells and commands
-Lootable Quest Equipment
-Exciting new clan code: clans are created online.
-New weapon flags (help wflags)
-New stats: Luck and Charisma
-Equipment has been rebalanced (also read help connect)
-Racial skills
-PK records & PKPoints for heroes
October 23, 2002

-Flaming flag will no longer break potions, only frost will do that from now on.

October 18, 2002

-Devils curse no longer affects restoration and rejuvination
-War zone size decreased greatly

October 13, 2002

-Aiel Camp and Shadar Logoth removed, Castle Ruin updated

October 1, 2002

-Grow arms bugs fixed
-You can only drink once a round now if fighting, this also affects blood drinking

October 10, 2002

-Paladins lost sleep spell
-Quaffing has one round of lag
-Banks now hold 200k platinum and you can hold 100k on yourself. You can also withdraw much more money at a time now.

October 8, 2002

-Zap and brandish lag moved to 1 round

October 5, 2002

-Aquest objects now have a timer, so complete your quests!

October 3, 2002

-Zen moved down to hero

September 25, 2002

-Sleep is now working again.
-Fixed absorb poison bug where mobs and monks with poison flag could still affect you.

-Calls are no longer dispellable and renewable.
-Calls have a wear off message.
-Can no longer level with a KILLED flag
-Tweaked maladictions a bit
-Quest kills now show [QUEST] label

September 24, 2002

-New skill for dreadlords, help skill_bloodlust
-Fixed the bug that prevented you from gaining sword.
-Upped the lower damage of Blade of Illusion a bit.
-Guardians - Lost all summon lesser/greater elementals.
-Guardians - Gained elemental control and call flame/sea/air/earth.
-Cleared off a couple of stock bugs that were still hanging around.

September 23, 2002

-You can use arguments on practice to show all spells above/below/equal to a certain %. Example 'practice = 100' will show all skills/spells at 100. Or, prac < 50 will show everything below 50% only Help practice has been updated accordingly.
New spell 'Fear' - read help spell_fear
New spell 'Putrefy' - read help spell_putrefy
Terrify - moved to hero.
Nightmare form - moved to hero.
Creepy Crawlies - moved to hero (lower damage at hero but still the same at demigod)

September 18, 2002

-Auction - Can no longer submit or bid whilst fighting.
-Camouflage - Fixed
-Slam - now gives a message when it stuns.

September 15, 2002

Lost breach, fourth attack
Gained: Dispel magic, Dissolving arrow, Crystal cloak
Winter frost also modified slightly

September 12, 2002

-Guardians - Knee Breaker and Ambush moved to hero
-Seers - Psionic Blast improved some, required level upped to compensate
-Seers - Flash should hit a bit better now
-Paradox - You can recall during paradox to temple only, not houses.
-Also a couple of crash bugs fixed up.

September 9, 2002

-Paladins now get grip at hero.
-Battlemages: new spell at hero, read help spell_slam.
-Dazzle castable twice a round.
-Winter frost damage upped a bit
-Bmages now have fireproof spell
-Bmages lost 4th dual.
-New spell: slam.
-Random quest pills are gone, replaced with platinum piles.

September 7, 2002

Clan wipe to begin implementation of new clan code
New Area: The Isles
Steal bug fixed
Chameleon removed from game

August 27, 2002

-Charm removed from in-game objects
-Arachnos removed.
August 15, 2002

-New Area: The Conundrum

July 23, 2002

-Area updates:
Hades Club (gone)
Camelot (gone)
Redferne's (gone)
The Maze (gone)
Avalon (new directions)
Castle Keep (new directions)
Dylan's Area (new directions - but will be gone when I move the mdam around)
Knight's Dream (new directions)
Hell (new directions)
Purgatory (new directions)

July 21, 2002

-New Area: Gryphon Aviary

July 10, 2002

-New Area: Garou Fortress
-Mercurium removed

July 4, 2002

-Soul pouch cost doubled to 2,000 aqp's, but burnproof comes with it.

June 28, 2002

-Vampire Den redone (Oppidus Noctum section added)

June 23, 2002

-Consider recoded
-Order tweaked a bit
-Pretitles now show up in channels

June 22, 2002

-%Q added to prompts: lets you know when iquest flag comes on
-Newbie name confirmation added
-Pretitles are back

June 21, 2002

-Charm Person tweaked, and you can no longer charm in clan halls
-Stomp and legsweep tweaked
-Arena reset returns bets

June 17, 2002

-Rescue bug fixed
-Repair: classes lost it, but now guildmasters can repair your eq for a price

June 14, 2002

-Rescue: can no longer order to rescue
-Soul Bond: removed
-Demigod eq balanced
-Paradox: can no longer use "recall temple"
-Domination: after attack, victim will stop following you

June 12, 2002

-Can't place voodoo dolls in containers
-Offensive spells work out-of-level for voodoo doll holder attackers
-Auction penalty removed
-Can no longer IQ with a PK flag
-Chi: can no longer chi when sutnned

June 11, 2002

-Rescue bug fixed

June 10, 2002

-Auction now uses platinum instead of gold
-Mudstatus for imms
-Steal tweaked to steal platinum as well as gold and silver
-Channel tweak: illegal words can't be used (aka help flame words)

June 7, 2002

-Teleport: can no longer teleport with PK flag
-Demigod weight and carry capacity increased slightly
-View bug fixed

June 5, 2002

-New area: The Ruins of Drow City (just a revamp of stock Drow City)

June 4, 2002

-New demi area: Dold Guldur
-Resurrect: Zombies no longer poison
-Summon Salamander: Salamanders no longer have flaming
-Renewal length shortened
-Energy Drain - has chance to wake and initiate combat
-Blade Dance - grip check added

June 2, 2002

-Haste is dispellable again
-Feed damage upped
-Ambush damage upped
-Paradox - warning ticks reduced
-Shapes lost double exp

June 1, 2002

-Morphs skills are now only available at the level the spell is offered
-Agility and Breach for morphs have been moved

May 26, 2002

-Bless object removed.
-New spells: Devotion and Piety
-Quest quit moved to 15 ticks, 30 was too long
-Demonfire - curse lasts longer, now adds saves
-Curse - adds saves

May 25, 2002

-New portal in Demonicum open
-Nosferatu Protection removed from newbie spellup.
-Levels on Project Force changed
-Quest quit moved to 30 ticks

May 22, 2002

-Project force moved to twice a round for seers only

May 15, 2002

-Shield spell is no longer an mdam shield, it went back to armor class only
-Protection spells don't protect as well anymore
-Spell reflect fixed

May 11, 2002

-Fanatics Tower revamped
-Darhoth's Tower revamped
-Shapes lost weapon flag spells (sharp blade, flame blade, frost blade)

April 18, 2002

-War code rewritten
-Quest weapons - dtype/wtype work, vampiric flag added
-Dispel Magic moved to purer casters
-Breach spell created for other casters/hybrids

April 15, 2002

-You can no longer chariot with a pk flag.
-You can no longer rename pets that you purchase.

April 14, 2002

-Two-handed quest weapon now available. (Blade of Illusion)

April 13, 2002

-Corpse recovery rewritten so it is more stable

April 12, 2002

-Energy drain now drains moves (again). Mana drain was upped as well.
-New damage type names were added! Fun fun.

April 10, 2002

-Cleave skill added
-Paradox deaths no longer count on clanpk counter

April 9, 2002

-Dispel Magic, Blind, Curse moved to twice a round
-Focus was toned down a bit

April 5, 2002

-Linkdead flag added
-Charm person and domination no longer works with a pk flag
-Bless is no longer align sensitive

April 4, 2002

-Daze tweaked

April 3, 2002

-Demitalk channel added
-Charmies can no longer "hit" to start battles

April 2, 2002

-Red Dragon race tweaked
-No more changelings and mimics
-Knee breaker in for guardians
-Assume Earth/Air/Fire/Water are no longer renewable
-Dopples got their immunities back
-Score lines up a bit better

April 1, 2002

-Solar race tweaked

March 29, 2002

-Terrify skill in for dreadlords

March 28, 2002

-Paradox is now fixed
-Frozen tick bug fixed
-Renew updates spell levels as well as durations

March 24, 2002

-Battle shields option added
-Non-Gucynian demi equipment removed
-Offensive shields now do damage dependant on level of the caster
-Doppled players can now gain mob immunities as resistances.

March 16,2002

-Frailty, feeblemind, blasphemy, cripple, lethargy affect times reduced
-Weaken is no longer cancellable. Cure weaken spell added.
-Backstab/circle/assassination/garotte/bastion/ambush/strike damage tweaked.
-Daze effect lowered slightly
-Chance on random quest pills loading in game lowered
-New demigod areas: Gucynia & 5 linked areas

March 14, 2002

Resurrect and edrain tweaked
Dreadlord forms: shadow, nightmare, horror
Most races tweaked! See help files!

March 13, 2002

Renewal duration tweaked
Linked spells removed

March 10, 2002

Vampiric, vorpal flags tweaked
PK timer increased
Spell reflect for demigods
Can no longer order someone to destroy items or cast inflict pain

March 8, 2002

Can no longer order mobs to rescue
Lag added to "second" command
Stat spells added to newbie spellup

March 6, 2002

Clannies can now see their clanmates in doppled form

March 3, 2002

Can no longer faerie fog out clannies

March 1, 2002

Lag increased on blast and dazzle
Blade dance disarm chances decreased

February 28, 2002

Assumes are now renewable
Disorient messes with recall
Level check on faerie fog fixed so you can fog out mobs
Clanpk counter added
Only vamp/fanatic can benefit from drinking blood

February 26, 2002

Lag tweaked on faerie fog
Swalkers lag when attacking someone

January 17, 2002

Blademastery in for knights

January 16, 2002

Blast, dazzle, major rune word, winter frost, gate added to battlemages
Volcanic blaze now rubbable

December 12, 2001

Necro forms back: Mist, bat wolf, skeleton, use revert command to return to body
Shapeshifters are back
Paladins gain camouflage and bastion

December 4, 2001

Project force no longer so spammy
Paradox now works again

December 2, 2001

Ultravision spell removed
Hitroll and damroll increased on qeq
Only one stat can be added to qeq

December 1, 2001

Pinch tweaked
November 29, 2001

Quest enhance for wflags fixed
Clan flags work
Paradox deaths land eq in inventory
Faerie fog now has a timer
Resistance duration tweaked

November 26, 2001

Newbie equipment improved and redone

November 25, 2001

New bishop shields: rite of faith, brambles, mercury flash

November 21, 2001

Create food and create spring now give more edible choices!
Whack a mole quest readded
Imm spellup now includes renewal
Nochariot command added

August 20, 2001

All spells tweaked
New spell groups: ether magic, necromancy, infernal, earth magic, air magic, fire magic, water magic
Rebalanced hybrids

August 6, 2001

New area: Chronos

August 2, 2001

Morphs no longer can get imm magic/weapon/bash
Arena wagering tweaked

July 29, 2001

Morphs no longer get vulns from races, they get imms from races

November 21, 2000

If you aquest with iquest flag you lose all your quest points

October 22, 2000

New area: Sprite Village

October 15, 2000

Gate traps are now illegal
Levitation removed from cyan potions from Castle Yrarl
Shapes can no longer empower levitation

October 8, 2000

You can now cast fly during battle…you cannot be earthbinded in a flying room
Levitation castable in combat
Devilbane's now cost 10k aqp

October 1, 2000

Grow lids' room message removed
You can no longer summon someone with a PK flag
Portable portals and paradox no longer remove you from corner
Bishop protections are now dispellable
Chameleon now shows in who
Can see class in whois, can see classes in who

September 24, 2000

Call sea bug fixed
No more title bug with %A%c%C%a

August 22, 2000

New area: Church of Llewellyn

August 7, 2000

Quest rewards increased!

July 3, 2000

Spirit is now only for fighting classes

June 3, 2000

Pinch/strangle/blackjack give users a timer which is 2 ticks longer than your victim sleeps

June 2, 2000

New command: noreply, clears out replies
Chat command added (help chat)
Can remove groupies even if they are not in room

May 26, 2000

AFK now shows how many tells you have stored
Misty Jungle, Troll Den, Knight Dreams, Mega City One, Nirvana, Gnome Village, and Devil's Inferno areas removed

May 25, 2000

Added phase/mutate/shield block to being able to dodge flame elementals, but flame elementals can still hit while the player is stunned.
Elemental control added

May 24, 2000

Gamestat command added
Chi adjusted
New area: Dungeon of Quendor

May 18, 2000

Paradox kills/deaths added to whois
You can no longer resurrect mob corpses….but now it automatically gives the eq from the corpse to its owner. You cannot resurrect unless you didn't loot.
Can no longer recall if paradox is approaching
Recall now takes arguments (recall home, recall temple, recall clan)
Quest revert is in, it turns 50 aquest into 1 iquest point

April 30, 2000

Edrain moved to once a round
Necro skeletons no longer immune to poison
Call earth, call air, call flame, call sea are in for guardians
New area: Avalon

April 24, 2000

Smash skill now has the chance to stun
The attack chain wont summarily stop if you miss an attack (i.e. - you miss second attack it will still try third attack etc) The catch is…if you miss the attack before you will have a lower chance for the next attack.
Numeric color code is gone

April 8, 2000

New spell: renewal, renews all spells in your affects
Gouge now entangles the gouger
No more two handed weapons wielded one handed no matter what size you are

March 17, 2000

Morphs lost 2nd/3rd dual attacks and gained grow arms, they can now quad wield.
Strangle and Blackjack now make you vis, lag on them has been upped
New channels: classtalk and racetalk

March 12, 2000

Gouge and flash are removed from a player when they kill their target
Assassinate no longer works on someone who is severed
Sever is removed if anyone aside from the bishop attacks the person who is severed (sorry tag-teamers)
When you drop weapons due to low strength they all fall to your inventory
Daze states added: spell_daze, skill_daze, flee_daze
Healers now cast: vitality sagacity superior intellect

March 7, 2000

Minor globe - wizard/sorc only, gives all mortal shields in one spell.
All classes lost grip but knights (and their lower tiers)
Blind/curse are no longer cancelable
You can no longer strike while blind

February 14, 2000

The questmasters now have a new deal, quest sell…syntax "quest sell "
Biomanipulation skill is in (help skill_biomanipulation)
Battle offense/defense commands added (reduce battle spam)
Sheath/draw and quickdraw skills added
Elders gain protection heat/cold/lightning

January 17, 2000

Stances are in for Sensai's….they grant various "weapon flags" while the user is in stance.
Charge is now a high multi-hit….you will max at 7 hits
You no longer second weapons you have less then 50% skill
Katanas are now reforgeable

January 8, 2000

Blades lost enhanced damage
Morphs lost offhand, gained 2nd and 3rd duals
Knight Thac0 is finally higher then Necro, Sorry Necros you got the Knight's old Thac0.
Sensai's get a chance to hit with each attack regardless if the previous one landed (no more 1 hit rounds)
Forge has been changed, you can now pick katana/wakizashi (kat = slash, wak = pierce)

January 4, 2000

New skill for Assassins and Shadowen…read help skill_assassinate.
View command added (help view)
Change sex spell has been enhanced
Dragons no longer have racial flying….all 3rd tier classes have fly spell at level.
Grouping restrictions are gone. You can have as many as you want in a group.

January 2, 2000

Seers lost crushing force
Seers gained more hits with the single target kinesis (bolt/ballistic/flamebolt)
Biofeedback is dispellable
Y2K spellup removed

December 29, 1999

Sorcerer - Your familiar has all mortal shields (depending on levels.)
Bishops - Your spirit has 2x's the AC and Guardian spirit on it.
Elders - your Force of Nature has a bit of hit/dam.
Necro's - Your pit fiend has nosferatu's prot, and can feed/backstab/bash/disarm.
Prompt has been changed - read help prompt to learn how to have sneak/swalk/camo in it.
Seers lost the (spells) metalstorm, ballistic attack, dancing flames, electroshock, ego whip

December 25, 1999

Guardian spirit is now in for bishop/priest (help spell_guardian_spirit)
New spell for Bishop and Priests. check it out help spell_sever.
New area: Journey's End
Swalk/Camo show in the who (if you can see people) they also show in channels.
Clannies can now see each other
Banish command added to give NOCLAN flag to bad clannies

Unfortunately, I did not keep this listing until 1999, so we lost all the changes since 1997. If I'm bored one day, I'll look through some backups and see what I can find. I'll have to be REALLY bored!

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