Changes 2012+

July 2016

  • Ninja
    • Improved damage of Strike damage to be more in line with Circle. The idea being that Strike (with Assassinate flag) will do more consistent damage, while Circle has better burst.
  • Sensei:
    • Auto melee attacks can now crit while using the Shadow Dragon racial.
  • Morpheous:
    • Improved spell damage slightly. Will continue to evaluate and adjust as necessary.
  • Guardian:
    • Gained Bow skill (further explanation below)
    • Gained Immolation Arrow skill. Lands 1-3 attacks with a chance to burn the victim for additional damage over time.
    • Gained Frost Arrow skill. Lands 1-3 attacks with a chance to apply a freeze debuff. The debuff has a chance to prevent action for half a round. (Induces lag much like the Transfix skill).
    • Gained Viper Arrow skill. Lands 1-3 attacks with a chance to apply a poison debuff. The debuff has a chance to remove the victim's primary weapon. The weapon stays in the inventory and can immediately be re-wielded.
    • Gained Snipe skill. A powerful bow-only opener that induces skill,spell, and flee daze.
    • Gained Swap skill.
    • While the core of the class remains unchanged, they now have access to a new playstyle: Bows. Even though true range combat is not available at the moment, a bow will alter it in the following ways:
    • Bows can only land a single auto-attack per round with increased damage. (Note: Sonic Dragon racial increases this to up to 3 attacks per round)
    • Bows can only be dodged and shield blocked.
    • A bow attack can do bonus or penalized damage, similar to two-handed weapons.
    • While using a bow, call flame and call sea hit 33% less often. The other calls are unaffected.
    • While using a bow, kick and trip are unavailable. Bash is still usable, but with a penalty.
    • While using a bow, the Guardian has a slightly higher resistance to dirt kick.
    • Bow auto attacks can make the victim vulnerable to a 'Critical Strike'. When the message appears the Guardian can switch to a melee weapon and perform 'Critical Strike' for extra damage.
    • Guardian spirit spells will now be permanent. Use Revert to remove them. (Note: this will also remove call spells)
    • Wolf Spirit now increases Dex by 5, in addition to its original affect.
    • Bear Spirit now increases HP by (char level x 15) 1500 at hero, and increases Str by 5.
    • Lion Spirit now serves as a 'a little bit of each spirit'. It now increases Hitroll and Damroll by 18 (at hero) and -3 saves in addition to its original affect.
    • The purpose of this playstyle is to provide a new, more active approach to combat, but not making it the only playstyle. The idea is that it would make sense to switch between Bows/melee (hence the swap skill, and Critical Strike), as Bows lack in weapon flags and don't offer anything for dazes (besides Snipe). Given this is somewhat new territory, we're certain that other tweaks will be needed. As always constructive feedback is the best way to ensure the right changes are being made.
  • Jaelen now offers a basic spellup (Potions from the apotechary). Includes Nosferatu if under level 90.
  • Shuriken now lasts in rounds instead of ticks
  • Immtalk now takes priority over Immolation Arrow so Alecca doesn't have to type an extra letter to use it. (BEST CHANGE EVER)
  • New Island - Bikini Cay - in The Isles, have fun! You (may) find some new bows here.
  • Bows added for every damtype
  • Using Mock while wielding a Bow will no longer initiate combat.
  • The spellup granted on creation now matches the spells granted from an imm spellup.
  • Lich:
    • Gained Shadow Mastery. This skill improves their maladictions (casts at a higher level)
    • Weaken will now reduce STR by 80% when empowered by Shadow Mastery.
    • Lethargy will now reduce DEX by 80% when empowered by Shadow Mastery.
    • Frailty will now reduce CON by 80% when empowered by Shadow Mastery. Also increases AC by 500
    • Swarms now have a 5 round cooldown, but deal 30% less damage.
    • Swarm hits will now add a "swarm" debuff that tracks the number of hits done.
    • Gained Shadow Swarm. This spell deals damage based on the "swarm" debuff stack. (The debuff is consumed as a result)
    • Living Armor and Corrupt Blade no longer have skull/limb requirements.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Auras can no longer be switched while stunned.
      • Senseis are no longer charged CP for Steal and Peek during creation when doing 'add all'
    • Seer:
      • Timestop duration lowered to 2 rounds. When cast, the seer will be affected by movement lag (same affect as caltrops/knee breaker) for 3 rounds.
      • Mind Flail is now a 2h weapon with appropriate Hero stats.
    • Eternal Skill Token
      • Eternal skill tokens are now available for purchase at the questmaster for 20000 aqps. Upon purchase, it will provide a courtesy skill token set (only skills learned and 75% and up). This token WILL persist through rerolls with some caveats:
        • Skills/Spells that are out of level or not gained yet are unaffected.
        • Upon practicing a skill/spell to 75%, it will automatically be set to max.
        • Naturally improving a skill/spell through use to 75% will also automatically set the skill to max.
    • Elders gained Summon.
    • Fixed bug where non-Ranger classes could choose Bow during creation and be charged CP
    • Fixed bug where frost arrow and viper arrow were ignoring their mana costs.
    • Added helpfiles for immolation arrow, frost arrow, viper arrow, snipe, and critical strike
    • Updated Elder eq (Eye of the Tiger and LavaWalkers) to not have redundant buffs with elemental armor
    • Eternal Skill Tokens can now be purchased. (See: help eternal_skill_token)
    • Players hidden by skills such as Shadow Walk, Stealth, Shroud, Chameleon, etc. will now be visible on the Who list
    • Swarms can no longer be counter attacked.
    • The skill improvement messages will now properly display the current skill % for Morpheous
    • Corrected some message display issues when disarming a Morpheous.
    • Fixed bug where Eternal Skill Tokens were not saving through reroll

June 2016

  • References to second tier removed from mud/wiki (note Alecca if you find any she missed!)
  • Goblins now have mana for mana drain.
  • Crystal Dragon
    • Reduces damage by 60%
    • Performs a dragon bite
  • Prism Dragon:
    • Performs a dragon bite
  • Shadow Dragon:
    • Performs a dragon bite
    • Melee critical hit chance improved to 50%, 65% for Blades
    • Magic critical hit damage will now deal double damage
    • Can be used out of combat
  • Faerie Dragon
    • Performs a dragon bite
    • 100% chance to reflect 20% of damage received for 2 rounds.
  • Dracolich
    • Dragon bite damage improved slightly
  • Crimson Dragon
    • Performs a dragon bite
    • Increases damage dealt by 30% for 2 rounds
    • Can be used out of combat
  • Swamp Dragon:
    • Reduces strength by 75% of victim's true stat, other stats still reduced by character level
  • Storm Dragon:
    • No longer deals damage
  • Sea Dragon:
    • Performs a dragon bite
  • Hydra:
    • Dragon bite damage improved slightly
    • Now always performs 3 bites per round with a chance for a 4th
  • Rock Dragon:
    • Performs a dragon bite
  • Note: Other racial abilities not mentioned here mean no changes. Unless stated, these are all in addition to their previous design.
  • Battlemage:
    • Gained Critical Magic
  • Guardian:
    • Call Fire will now hit more frequently
    • Call Earth will now heal for 100hp per call when it procs, in addition to its original armor buff
  • Ninja:
    • Assassinate can now be used in combat to refresh its flag, but will not deal damage.
    • Changed Shuriken damage type to PIERCE
    • Fixed bug where Shuriken increased victim's DEX instead of decreasing it
  • Sensei:
    • Melee damage improved slightly (2.29 modifier instead of 2.19)
    • Improved damage of Jinx, Buddha, and Hojin Palm attacks
    • Increased Punch through Sanctuary chance of Palm attacks to 20%
  • Morpheous
    • Fixed bug where doppling mobs with sanc would grant player permanent sanc
    • Fixed bug where removing eq with an affect would give a doppled form more than 2 resistances
    • Circle will now only hit a maximum of 3 times
    • Lost Protection Good/Neutral/Evil spells
    • Damage of Iron Shard, Iron Spikes, Sonic Wave, and Lightning Bolt reduced
  • Paladin:
    • Defiance Aura will now reduce damage by 10% in addition to its current affect
    • Cleave damage improved
    • Cleave lag is now 1 1/2 rounds instead of 1 7/8 rounds. Missing a Cleave will induce half that lag
    • Cleave and Pound miss rate lowered
    • If using a 1h weapon, Cleave will have only 1 round lag, but deal 33% less damage
    • Gained Shield Smash (only usable when wielding a 1h weapon)
    • Bastion damage improved
  • Saves: The following breakpoints will apply for saves
    • Sorc: -90
    • Bishop, Elder, Alchemist, Battlemage, and Lich: -80
    • Dreadlord, and Seer: -70
    • Everyone else: -50
    • What this means is saves below those numbers are half as effective. For example, A Blade with -110 saves would be around -80 to -87. Natural saves based on INT factor into the final number.
    • A player's true save value is displayed in score, e.g., (-57) -60
  • Item Lookup:
    • Item stats can now be seen, much like Lore or Identify, by using oinfo 'item name'. Unlike those skills, the item does not need to be in possession to examine it. Note, this is limited to only items that are within mortal levels, i.e., 1-101
  • Weapon Flags:
    • Poison, Disease, Obfuscate, and Jinx flags will now reduce their respective stats by double if the victim's true stat value is over their race's natural max.

For example, if the victim has 40 STR, and the race has a max of 30, then the Poison flag will deduct -2 STR per hit until it reaches 30, at which point it will only deduct -1 STR per hit.

  • Jaelen will now cast Nosferatu in addition to the usual newbie spells.
  • Sylvan Dragon:
    • Healing increased to 9*level per round
    • Can be used out of combat
  • Paladin:
    • Auras can now be switched in combat
  • Ninja:
    • Kagami should now last longer in general
  • Crash fix in get_max_stat() for npcs
  • Smokescreen fix
  • Consider crash bug resolved
  • Goblin king now moves linkdead players if they remain in the area after being triggered
  • Characters are now restored and stripped of negative effects after arena

May 2016

  • Dragon race files added/completed
  • Lockers can hold 100 items now
  • Fixed bug where Prism racial was still affected by fire blind
  • Modified whostring to remove redundant 'Drg'.
  • Newbie weapons changed to no drop
  • Grim Cleaver no longer has alignment restrictions and accursed flag switched with vampiric flag
  • Fixed the bug again that allowed Prism Dragons to be hit with fire-blind and light flag. It'd better be fixed or else!
  • Sabres have been updated to always have sharp flag + 3 flags
  • Dreadlord class equipment moved to Ruins of Oppidus (wiki is updated)
  • All dragon racials now last 2 rounds. Skill cost has been reduced to 10% of max moves instead of 15%
  • Crystal Dragon: now reduces damage by a flat 65%
  • Crimson Dragon: damage increase remains, but no longer reduces target's damage
  • Rock Dragon: now provides resistance to everything instead of immunity. Still can reflect stun.
  • Swamp Dragon: dragon bite now ignores sanc, and damage has been adjusted to account for that
  • Storm Dragon: stun will now only last at most 2 rounds
  • Shadow Dragon: no longer grants dodge immunity (too similar to Sonic Dragons). Now grants critical hit to melee classes (Blades get a 20% additive bonus)
  • Sylvan Dragon: Now heals for 1200 instead of 2000, but each heal increased to 600 to account for shorter duration
  • Dracolich: dragon bite ignores sanc and damage adjusted accordingly.
  • Hydra: dragon bite now ignores sanc and damaged lowered a bit to be in line with other skills. Will always land 3 bites per round with a slight chance for a 4th.
  • Wardancer: Mist Dance no longer provides damage bonus (but also no damage penalty). Dodge bonuses reduced to 5%
  • Wardancer: Cobra Dance now has a 5% penalty to sidestep and cartwheel
  • Wardancer: Devils dance no longer has damage bonus
  • Wardancer Predator dance damage bonus reduced to 5%. Grants 10% bonus to sidestep
  • Paladin: Stumbling with a 2hand weapon will now reduce damage by 20% instead of dealing 0 damage
  • Mwhere buffer overflow resolved
  • Alias count increased to 100
  • Locate Object: Buffer cleanup for output
  • Adamantite daito timer increased.
  • OEDIT_COPY Segmentation Fault Fix
  • Mwhere crash fix due to buffer overflow
  • Destroying a fabricated item display fix
  • Charmed mobiles and pets no longer drop their charmed flag on order. Affects fix for Shroud and Stealth
  • Remove error reporting for intended behavior with resets
  • [FIX] Shadow Dragons melee users can now critically hit invoking dragon soul
  • Safe rooms accessible even with PK Flag during Paradox
  • Resolve warnings and various undefined behavior within the source.Increase maximum memory and buffer size
  • Fix string format for dump command
  • Dreadlord transformation changes
  • Color bleed fixed in online social creator
  • Increase Locker Size to 100
  • New Tool - ParseItems
  • Various class skills now renewable
  • Stomp no longer hits flying targets
  • Global Socials
  • Illusion spell is no longer dispellable
  • Shadow dragon magic crit fix
  • Warcry now renewable
  • Power Words now renewable
  • Power of One now renewable
  • REDIT create fix
  • OEDIT potions display fix
  • Spath output format fix
  • No longer able to rewield weapons while stunned
  • Display gocial status in channels command
  • 2nd Tier Removed
  • You can now 'gain all' in creation
  • Gocial now takes forget/quiet into consideration
  • Goblins have begun to invade the realm!
  • Scribe now takes 5x the amount of components
  • Scrolls now lose quality and fall apart after a set amount of uses
  • Faerie dragon now reflects damage on change, and does not nullify incoming damage
  • You are now able to stand in the cots.
  • The Goblin King area now has a timer to leave after defeating Snod.
  • Socials list is now in alphabetical order
  • Morpheous class enabled
  • Increased the spawn rate of rarer goblins so they appear more.
  • Morpheous now able to use normal train function
  • Lockers timer issue fix
  • Leaderboard fix to add morpheous clas
  • Chameleon no longer applies disorient
  • Chameleon now strips from the player when they move
  • Gocial and Newbie channela are no longer usable while NOCHAN
  • Chameleon now checked for in can_see
  • Morpheus can now use cast blind
  • Chameleon NPC can_see fix
  • Prototype socials command update

April 2016

  • Torn piece (Awesome Pants) no longer pops on mud. Pant parts load increased to compensate.
  • Resets on Battlereign Trophy increased * 10…if a mob had a 1% chance, it's now 10% (if you can't do math)
  • Quest durations increased, some areas removed from aquests, esp. with common room names
  • Paradox startup time changed to 2 ticks
  • Pdox - Anyone with idle timer of greater than 5 ticks forced to quit
  • Pdox - Everyone gets teleported to safe at the end of pdox
  • Fixed bug in buglist that was crashing the mud.
  • Logging added to Slots to create metrics
  • Weight in score fixed
  • Showclass now works in character generation
  • Autopeek and autoloot are now default
  • Housing upgrade - word upgrade removed to remove confusion with direction up :P
  • Garotte - Jab affect reduced, no longer applies Assassinate flag
  • Equipment no longer breaks from damage. Shield block chance will degrade as it's damaged
  • Katanas can now be damaged by breaker flag
  • Dreadlords now have both forms available (remort required). Use transform <betrayer> <marauder> <self>. This is usable outside PK flag.
  • Embalming limbs is now permanent.
  • Ninjas lost phase and shuriken no longer slows
  • Blade gained swap. backstab, circle, and gash damage increased slightly. luck affects crit chance
  • Score now shows race max stat on the left and the current stat without a cap in parenthesis
  • Damaged weapons and shields will auto remove and not break at 0 condition
  • Acid flag no longer damages eq. instead does stacking damroll debuff
  • Jaelen now has hush working correctly
  • Bank balances increased to $10M plat (it was supposed to be $1M but Alecca can't do math or add zeros)
  • Relog timer removed (don't abuse it, bc it can be put back very quickly!)
  • Prompt all fixed to show min_mana
  • Frost flag will no longer destroy potions. Earth flag will continue to work the same as before
  • Luck bonus for critical hit was altered to put more emphasis on a race's natural stat, though total Luck stat is still used
  • Clan Eq has been flagged to be destroyed. If you have any, please destroy it before we have to track it down.
  • Sensei: new acid flag stance (Cobra). Crane stance now applies obfuscate flag
  • Sensei: Now gain counter attack
  • Sensei: Damage is no longer bash type. It's just generic damage that has no resistances or vulns
  • Sensei: Damage improved slightly (this is subject to be lowered)
  • Wardancer: Raging storm dance dodge penalties lessened slightly
  • Wardancer: Striking cobra dance damage penalty removed. Dodge penalties also removed
  • Wardancer: Whispering mist dance now provides 5% damage bonus
  • Wardancer: Hunting Predator dance now provides 15% bonus
  • Wardancer: Devil dance now provides 10% damage bonus
  • Blade: Gash success chance improved slightly
  • Destroying an item will now correctly display the name of the item destroyed rather than some random character
  • Dreadlords will no longer see the transform prompt message upon quitting
  • Sensei: Now gain counter attack
  • Plat piles lowered back to 300 platinum
  • Rock Dragon Racial: When used, grants 2 rounds of immunity. Will also cure stun and reflect it back to the attacker
  • Hydra Racial: When used, grants up to 3 dragon bites per round for 3 rounds
  • Sylvan Dragon Racial: When used, heals for level * 5 (505 at hero) hp/round for 3-4 rounds
  • Sensei: damage type switched back to bash so it can be blocked by standard immunities, but ignore resistances
  • Class Eq has been revamped to have more relevant stats/affects
  • Sonic Dragon Racial: Doubles casting speed.
  • Blades/Ninja/Wardancers get extra circles/strikes/cross slashes. Adds extra auto attacks
  • Location spell no longer shows the "in somewhere" spam.
  • Help Daze and Help Attributes have been updated with mechanic information.
  • Fixed bug where certain shield affects on equipment only displayed "none" shield

March 2016

  • You can now talk on public channels if your character name is still not confirmed.
  • Fully removed the confirm name flag from new player creation as long as it's not abused.
  • Added newline/return to Recall.
  • Resolved many code warnings.
  • No more quests to Gaonnan Gulf

August 27, 2012

  • Smokescreen will now only wear off if the caster flees early, not either caster or victim.
  • Throw can be used to initiate combat.
  • Forged katanas should no longer rot.
  • The changeboard display on login has been replaced with a counter showing how many changes have been added for the current day.

August 17, 2012

  • Halflings can now see through stealth.
  • Garotte's assassinate debuff will now not last as long as the Assassinate skill's version.
  • Shuriken's Dex debuff is now rounds-based and has a much shorter duration, but is still stackable.

August 16, 2012

  • Stealth fixed

August 15, 2012

  • Faerie fog now removes stealth flag
  • Modified check_dispel to account for round-based maladictions
  • Prompt for stealth changed to %Y
  • Changeboard now shows when you log on

August 14, 2012

  • Fixed crashbug [do_forge]

August 13, 2012

  • Ninja class is now available for creation. New skills info help (skill_kagami, skill_stealth, skill_forge).
  • CONFIRM removed from character creation
  • Most debuff affects (curse, blindness, etc.) should last in rounds instead of ticks.
  • Change Sex is no longer dispellable.
  • Lightning Breath now has the same cast time as other Draconian spells.

August 9, 2012

  • Gouge/Powerblind/Smokescreen now fall off of victim upon fleeing
  • Forge will now consume "bar of adamantite". You can also exclude all wflag arguments to create a light-weight katana.

August 8, 2012

  • Strike damage reduced by 10%. Shuriken damage reduced by 15%. Ninja lost resistance, but gained invisibility!
  • New Skill: Critical Magic. Provides damaging spells a chance to deal more damage. Given to Sorcerer, Bishop, Elder, and Lich

August 7, 2012

  • Implemented a safety in oedit_show (Crash bug)

August 6, 2012

  • 'Toss Dagger' no longer takes away from your stats

August 3, 2012

  • Safety implemented into leaderboard for invalid clans

July 26, 2012

  • Modified shuriken damage to work similar to beast racial, i.e., damage bumps at certain hp thresholds rather than gradually

July 23, 2012

  • Fixed time error caused by random_pile

July 15, 2012

  • Torn pieces/certificates (new ones) no longer have a timer

July 12, 2012

  • Tailored Rose Petals lost berserk
  • Clan bank balances upped to 100,000 platinum per member (from 50,000 per member)

July 11, 2012

  • Paradox quits no longer show in whois since the approaching timer is so long.

July 10, 2012

  • Foraged components now doubled (can also have 1000 of each item)
  • Sensei are now restricted to Good/Neutral races. If you have to remort I can hold your gear, advance you to hero and set skills if you had a token previously
  • Ninja will be restricted to Neutral/Evil races.

July 8, 2012

  • New Ninja skill: Kagami. While active, it has a chance to reflect non-multi hit attacks. Like Ironskin, each successful hit can end the affect.

July 7, 2012

  • Shuriken changed so that it deals more damage as victim has less health. each hit now reduces dex instead of only -1 per shuriken round.
  • Assassinate debuff will now properly increase ninja's damage
  • Garotte will now cause a jab affect and the assassinate debuff

July 6, 2012

  • Detect magic given to seers so they can see magic flags for drain
  • Forage will no longer work if both of the room's components are maxed at 500 and alerts the user.

July 4, 2012

  • Senseis are now available to play!
  • Sensei auto-attack damage lowered slightly.
  • Up to 3 Sensei stance flags can hit per hit now rather than 1 random per hit.
  • Leech stance buffed slightly so it can heal more than 10hp now
  • Chaos blow now reduces strength by 10 instead of 7
  • Hojin damage reduced but ac debuff is now -75 per application.
  • Senseis given seventh and eighth attack
  • Roundhouse now applies flee daze. More kicks per round increases the potency.

June 26, 2012

  • All Sensei palm strikes (Buddha,Jinx,Hojin) have a chance to punch through sanctuary.
  • Buddha palm now inflicts blindness instead of a fire effect.
  • Jinx palm given a stackable -int debuff in addition to inflicting curse.

June 17, 2012

  • Former changes notes now changed to 'updates', we'll still mainly use changeboard, but updates for more information
  • Betrayer - harrowing/creepy crawlies/deathgrip tweaked

June 16, 2012

Hojin Palm added for sensei (AC debuff)

June 15, 2012

Demonbite toned down
Betrayer can now cast some more spells in form

June 14, 2012

Skills: Stealth and Purify added to ninjas

June 10, 2012

Fabricate now able to create with 3 weapon flags

June 8, 2012

Initial combat log system implemented
Gore now has a chance to fail. [ 30% as it stands ]
You now have a small chance for defensive abilites to trigger while stunned
Dispel magic chance raised slightly
Minor additions to combat logs for readability
Breach chance raised slightly
QEQ can now be stored in lockers
Corpse rotting is back in place
Dispel magic/Breach no longer say "Ok." unless they land a spell beyond the first check
'eadbutt now recieves a reduced chance to land while blind
Fixed an error in the dispel magic/breach loop

June 6, 2012

Dreadlord creation bug fixed [Marauder gaining Betrayer skills, vice versa]

June 5, 2012

Steal changed to work for strictly currency. [ May consider disposables ]
Clan members should now be able to attack eachother in paradox
Shopkeepers now able to see through wizi

June 2, 2012

The maximum number of items you can carry has been increased a bit…can be tweaked more if necessary.

May 29, 2012

'eadbutt damage increased, removed can't 'eadbutt while blind
Giant belt added back to giant

May 28, 2012

Special Quest: AWESOME PANTS!!! added (help awesome_pants)

May 27, 2012

1 iqp now equals 250 AQP [ Up from 100 ]
You can no longer 'eadbutt while blind

May 26, 2012

Psychic drain no longer usable when the victim's mana is below 20%
Psychic drain now takes 16.7% of current mana [ Down from 50% ]

May 24, 2012

Expiring items in lockers fixed
Blackjack CD implemented
Seer timestop CD increased by 4 rounds.
Removed secondary weapon weight requirement being heavier…stupid rp shit
Silver is no longer added to your weight.

May 21, 2012

Where now shows the area you are in.
Changes on changeboard now post a global message when added.

May 15, 2012

Changed color for practice gain to {Y - already alot of cyan in game
If you don't have a locker, it will let you know if you try to look in one
'Vnum obj itype' implemented
'Gain convert all' implemented
Dagger type renamed to throwing_dagger
'Vnum obj class' implemented
Fixed look/locker code. (Alecca)
Pks now record when Paradox is approaching

May 14, 2012

Gore now has a wear off message.
Battle align lock will now show with 'battle' prompt
QEQ updated on wiki
wreck_obj will no longer destroy equipment while in arena
Fixed an error with class/race selection
Redsteel will now go into inventory while in arena

May 13, 2012

Removed autoreturn on do_give
Confirm status now saves/loads properly
Fixed haste dispel issue.
Stored tells now show in BUILD mode
QEQ back in.
Moved paradox countup to 10 ticks…that should help avoid truly afk/idle people from being logged on during pdox
'Receptacle all' implemented
You can no longer dodge/parry/shield block/etc while stunned - this will probably be tweaked as necessary.
Creation order changed. If any errors are found, report them.
Hush removed from Jaelen, Hush given to Jaelen.

May 11, 2012

If you don't have sneak and you try it, it will now say Huh?
hero enchanted patch lost regeneration (b/c of backpack) and gained -33 ac
Itching powder disarm now goes into inventory instead of the ground.
Fixed an error on PKP removal(PK records not updating)
Fixed an error with confirm carryover code.
Sprite Village got skittled (mobs have color).
abomination no longer renewable
walking directions to Zodiac updated
Fixed align dropping to ground. (Multiple instances, missed one)
Hush added to Jaelen
Heal curse <item>
Put all/Get all now counts successful placements. This *could* cause problems, but will not most likely.
Janitor mobs should no longer pick up hidden items.
Missed PKP exchange removed.
%T in prompt now shows missed tells
Souls quest now carries over reroll/remort
Alignlock implemented
Lights should now work properly when disconnecting/reconnecting
Saferoom removed from Elysium
Remove curse should not remove curse from an object unless it is specifically targetted

All races have had their stats modified and elemental affinities shifted around to promote more variety.
Some notable changes:
Fay lost res magic, but also do not have their magic damage reduced.
Minotaur gore. No longer stuns the minotaur, but now has a 12 round cooldown.
Risen. Size upgraded to large, now have Ultravision
Most races that were immune to weapon flags and affects (i.e., poison, drowning), are now only resistances.
Vuln disease, lightning, drowning removed from races.
Gore has a 100% stunrate, with a 12 round CD
Fay now do normal damage.
Flee daze removed from lizardman tail attack

For more information, please refer to the race helpfiles.

May 7, 2012

Solennir patrolmen have had their hp drastically reduced - enough to still annoy but not be too buff.
Breach code now updated with new dispel magic
Confirm status should carry over reroll
PKP Mostly removed.
Looting removed.
Keys should now save
Doors now display for immortals. (nyah nyah nyah to you puny mortals)
Consume Disabled/Dlords now start max level
Farsight potion added to apothecary
Warpaint skull requirement removed.
Arena viewing rooms are linked - see help arena for directions
Thieves Bazaar key now level 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some of these changes will require testing/tweaking.

May 1-6, 2012

Password changes are no longer logged, just the fact that a password was changed is. This was originally from the original mud
days when people would mud together and think they were cute by changing someone's password.
Limping duration set to 0 ticks.
Arena viewing implemented, but not complete. If an imm isn't busy, s/he can trans you to the room to watch.
More modifications on dispel magic - should work better.
Emote changed to {G because players report they can't see {B very well
Bet you all just tried it out…
Grimcleaver duration increased.
Lore/Identify/Psychometry moved to level 1
Wither is no longer renewable
Power words are no longer usable with a pktimer (grumble)
Flee moved above fleshmending so "fle" will work first for flee

May 1, 2012

Lag removed from identify
You are now required to be at a trainer to repair.
You can now repair items if it is worn.
Potions now only shatter while flagged PK. If any were missed, note imms
Inventory <item> implemented
Fixed a check on limping for elves
Removed timer from lava golem
Alignment based items zapping off of you now go to inventory
aura of healing is now level/4 instead of level/2
Quaffing with pktimer now has a halfround lag.
Aura of conviction HRDR bonus changed [level / 4]
Random number implemented
Shortest Path command implemented (spath - level 109)
Slight modification on dispel magic(4% increase chance on continued cycle through spells)
Log system now more organized
paradox timer made longer between paradoxes
nosferatu/bitchshield/asshairshield no longer renewable

April 29, 2012

Rat Swarm now has the same cooldown timer as the other swarms so it can be stackable.

April 23, 2012

Slots max wager has moved down to 100 platinum, and they are available again.
Elders now get gate, lava golem lasts 50 ticks, and fire elixir mana cost has been halved. Let's see how these work and we
can revisit later if necessary.

April 21, 2012

Bishop's "sever" spell is no longer a spell. It's classified as a skill. No longer castable.
Fixed the message for raising skills.
'Gain reverse' now converts 10 hp into 1 train

April 20, 2012

'Practice all' was implemented
Base experience was increased
Weapon types are now listed in inventory/containers
Trivia no longer crashes us, though it does need further testing
Bishop dispel should now automatically sever for a few rounds.
Referring to Sever, I realize casting it itself has an insane
amount of rounds(up to 25), what's the feedback on this?
Scream should now produce a disorient affect
Relog timer should no longer apply to the character you just logged off of.
Sensei can now have several stances at once
Sensei stances are now selected randomly per hit
'Vnum obj connect' now lists connectable objects
'vnum area <area>' now gives more details on an area
Reset load percent chance now works as intended
Heal Renew now matches the heal list(10 platinum)
Pound changed to call one_hit
Percent of skill/spell now shows when it increases
Sanctuary now works properly
Testing a different check for sanctuary in dispel magic. Please report any issues.
Players involved in PK can no longer go into rooms flagged NOPK
Fireproof all implemented

April 18, 2012

Old clan eq removed
Sanctuary spell fixed

April 15, 2012

Practice all is in
Senescent Monastery is back. Help area_senescent_monastery.
—Use the portal directions; the running directions are broken.

Coupe for Wardancers now has a helpfile. help skill_coupe

help locker: contents updated to reflect new syntax for commands. RE: retrieve item <item>

April 14, 2012

Portals to all areas implemented
Raid of the Ogre Brothers introduced
Weaponflags implemented: Exhaustion, Depletion, Fatigue
Mob programs were implemented
Spellup on creation now casts level 101 spells.
Repair all is implemented
Practice sorting is implemented. (Prac = 100, Prac = 1)
Train hp all/#
Weapons are now searchable by their type/level using vnum
Items are now searchable by their wear location/level using vnum
Confiscate has been implemented
Coupe has been implemented for wardancers.
Report base is now available.
Objects now save with you regardless of level.
VNUMs 57-61 will no longer be picked up via spec_janitor

Lockers now implemented.
Purchasable at the questor, usable at the bank in Solennir.
Functions: Look in locker
Store <item>
Retrieve item <item>

Fleet of foot for High Elf/Wood Elf/Drows has been changed.
Lagless movement is no longer available, and full immunity to limp
has replaced it.

Skill tokens introduced

April 13, 2012

All newbie gear gained at level 1 should be tagged with newbie as a keyword. All Hero gear gained at 101 should be tagged with Hero as a keyword.
Ironskin is no longer castable with PK flag.
Hone removed from knights.
Paladins no longer have mana drain through auras
PK Range moved to +/-10 (from 15)

April 12, 2012

Hunger and thirst (and being full) have been removed.
When you dispel sanc off someone, you now get a message instead of 'Ok.'
A back wloc has been added for the Commemorative Welcome Backpack
Trains and practices have been increased at creation.
When you create, you automatically get an imm spellup.

April 10, 2012

We're happy to be back home at and to celebrate, the following has been implemented:
Aquest gains have been increased.
The cots (aka tub, aka glyph)'s regen rates have been increased.
Jaelen now offers renewal.
Bitchshield and Asshairshield are renewable (for now).
When you create, you get a pile of platinum worth 1k.
Double exp is defaulted to on.
Max stats have been put in - no more training stats, just hp/mana/move.

When you hero, we are giving you an Official Commemorative Welcome Back Pack - essentially a pack that can hold a shitton.

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