=========These are the channels available for your use on Devil's Silence:=======

 [OOC]: ooc <text>: This is for all out of character references, and any
        number information that your character would not know - hp, moves,
        mana, etc.  Swearing is permitted, but no personal attacks.

 Flame: flame <text>: This is for cussing out and slandering fellow players,
        Cussing is freely used on this channel and is the ONLY channel
        that personal attacks are allowed on.

 <<IC>>: ic <text>: This channel is for Role Playing ONLY!

 Grats: grats <text>: This channel is for showing congratulations, whether
        on heroing, or levelling, or getting that new piece of equipment.
        It goes here.

 Ask/Answer: ask/answer <text>: This is for asking or answering questions.
             Be sure to use the proper channel! (Ask for asking, and
             answer for answering)

 Quote: quote <text>: This is for quoting that GODLIKE backstab, or what
        exactly someone is doing that they think no one else sees.
        -NOT- for conversations! (see 'help quote')

 <<Qgossip>>: qgossip <text>: This is the Quest Gossip channel.  Only usable
              during iquests, the immortal sponsoring the quest can request
              that this be role play only.
              Note: Only people on imm quests can hear this channel.

 MUSIC: music <text>: Feeling artsy? Wanna wax poetic?  This channel
        is for you! Again - no conversations here - just music
        and poetry please. 

 <Barter>: barter <text>: This is for selling stuff to other players that you
           don't want available to everyone by using the auctioning system.  
           Use this to see if anyone is selling or buying a service or item!

 [HERO]: hero <text>: For those who have worked hard and attained the
         esteemed status of hero, this channel is for you to
         converse or argue with your fellow heroes.  

 [Racetalk]: racetalk <text>: Wondering why in the world you picked that race?!
             talk to others who have made the same choice.  Use this channel if
             you wish to talk to other players of the same race.

 [Classtalk]: classtalk <text>: If you might be looking for help about
              a class from someone who knows from experience, try
              classtalk.  It lets you communicate with players of the
              same class. (ex - Shadowen, Guardian, Knight)

 [Newbie]: newbie <text>: This channel is reserved for newbies and their questions. 
           and their questions.  If you are not a newbie and choose to have this 
           channel on, you are expected to courteously respond to the newbie's 
           questions.  This channel can be used without your being confirmed.

NOTE: Immortals reserve the right to punish for abusing channels.
      These channels are a privilege, not a right, and may be
      revoked for continued abuse.  Any racial slurs that deal
      with real life are expressly forbidden, as is any
      sexual harassment, or blatant or otherwise derogatory
      references should be considered before being blurted out. 
      THINK before you SPEAK.

      Do not change colors on channels, or use blinkies.
      Doing such may prove harmful to your health.  If you have any
      questions concerning channel use, ask an immortal - they
      will be happy to help.  (See 'help flame' for more info)
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