Chaos Vale
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Chaos Vale ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Long ago, a magical battle was waged in the skies above what was then 
known as Crimson Vale.  The clashing of the magical energies forever 
changed the vale, and there, chaos reigns.  It is now known as Chaos 
Vale, where up is down, down is left, and right is perpendicular to 
the obtuse triangularity of the moon and the guppies bad breath.  As 
you can see, the chaos in the vale runs rampant and it runs wild, 
overtaking everything one knows and understands and changing it into 
a cataclysmic mess.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Chaos Vale ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Level Range: Hero         Builder: Alecca

From Solennir:  10sw5se4se3s3unw7n8en4es3w

Portal:  sd3ne
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