Classes are essentially your 'job' on the mud. You can be a fighting type, a magic type, or a mixed fighter/magic type. There are two tiers on Devil's Silence. This means you have two times to reach level 101 (HERO) to have your optimal character.

The list of classes and their abilities is below. Click to find more information about each class/specialty!

To get a list of classes, type help classes.

There are currently 27 classes on Devil's Silence, split into two

|FIRST TIER              |SECOND TIER           |
|Mage                    |Sorcerer              |
|Cleric                  |Bishop                |
|Thief                   |Blade                 |
|Warrior                 |Knight                |
|Ranger                  |Guardian              |
|Druid                   |Elder                 |
|Mystic                  |Seer                  |
|Initiate                |Battlemage            |
|Zealot                  |Paladin               |
|Augurer                 |Alchemist             |
|Knifer                  |Wardancer             | 
|                        |Dreadlord             |
|                        |Sensei                |
|                        |Ninja                 |

Each tiers' classes are stronger than the previous one, but you cannot
create a character in those higher tiers until you reach hero level in a
first tier class. (see 'help reroll')

You DO NOT have to choose the second class that is in the same slot as
the first tier class, ie: a mage does not have to become a sorcerer, 
you can choose from any of that tiers' classes.

Remember, there are two tiers on Devil's Silence. The first tier is mainly to get people acquainted to the mud, race, and class. The second tier is when things start to count. It is the most important.

To get more information on a class, you can type help class_classname. Let's choose a fighter/caster mix: a battlemage.

Ronwyr was his name, and he lived a solitary life. He was used to it,
after being raised on a small farm in a very secluded land. His father,
once a warrior, and his mother, once a mighty sorcerer, had run away,
knowing their union was unsanctioned by her leaders, so that they might 
live together in love.  His parents had died when he was twenty, but
not before he was able to wean all their knowledge about fighting and
spells. After burying his parents, he set off to roam the lands, in 
search of knowledge. His journey was often dangerous, and he was
attacked often by rogues and bandits. He quickly found that his mix of
fighting skills and magic, together, made him a very versatile foe. The
bodies he'd leave behind were certainly proof of that.

As his travels continued, he started gathering a following, who wished
to learn to fight as he did. He began to teach them the spells he knew,
and the fighting skills that he had learned from his father.  The small
band of ten followers quickly began to revere him, for he was kind and 
patient, yet awesome in his fury. All over the countryside began to pop 
up shrines to Ronwyr, as people began to see his power and worship him,
learning his ways from himself and his followers who had begun to 
spread his word.  As the years passed, the teachings were split into
three levels: Initiates, Adepts, and the most mighty of the Students of
Ronwyr, the Battlemages. 

To this day, although he lived centuries ago, the teachings of Ronwyr
are still common and strong throughout the lands. A child born of true
love, whos parents sacrificed all for their love, was able to become a

-Written by Solara
The battlemage tree is simply the hybrid of the warrior and mage.  They
are able to draw on their strength and cunning as fearsome fighters and
upon the awesome powers of magic to destroy their enemies. 

Prime Stat: Int

See Showclass Initiate, Showclass Adept, Showclass Battlemage.

The first part of this is a history of the battlemage, just to give you a sense of how they came about. The second box gives a less role play explanation of a battlemage.

A prime stat is the statistic that the class relies the most on. It is important for a caster to have a high intelligence (INT) and (WIS), and it is important for a fighter class to have high strength (STR) and dexterity (DEX). Since a battlemage is a hybrid, remember to look for a race that has mid-levels of all these characteristics.

In order to see the skills and spells that a class has, type 'showclass classname'. We'll stick with our example of a battlemage.

Spells/Skills for battlemage:
Level 1   : axe               Level 1   : continual light   
Level 1   : create food       Level 1   : create water      
Level 1   : dagger            Level 1   : dirt kicking      
Level 1   : flail             Level 1   : infravision       
Level 1   : know alignment    Level 1   : kick              
Level 1   : magic fist        Level 1   : mace              
Level 1   : polearm           Level 1   : refresh           
Level 1   : recall            Level 1   : shield            
Level 1   : shield block      Level 1   : spear             
Level 1   : sword             Level 1   : whip              
Level 2   : farsight          Level 2   : hand to hand      
Level 3   : fly               Level 4   : armor             
Level 5   : dual wield        Level 5   : second attack     
Level 6   : invisibility      Level 10  : detect hidden     
Level 10  : detect invis      Level 10  : iceshield         
Level 13  : dodge             Level 15  : detect evil       
Level 15  : rescue            Level 16  : curse             
Level 16  : pass door         Level 18  : faerie fire       
Level 20  : create spring     Level 20  : detect good       
Level 20  : identify          Level 20  : parry             
Level 20  : trip              Level 22  : blindness         
Level 23  : faerie fog        Level 25  : shield levitation 
Level 25  : third attack      Level 26  : mass invis        
Level 28  : lungfire          Level 30  : crystal cloak     
Level 30  : enhanced damage   Level 30  : hide              
Level 30  : meditation        Level 30  : shockshield       
Level 30  : sleep             Level 30  : smother           
Level 32  : haste             Level 34  : cancellation      
Level 35  : fast healing      Level 35  : locate object     
Level 35  : rub               Level 35  : search            
Level 35  : 2nd dual          Level 37  : detect poison     
Level 37  : slow              Level 40  : chain lightning   
Level 40  : fabricate         Level 43  : detect magic      
Level 45  : 3rd dual          Level 47  : giant strength    
Level 48  : thunderbolt       Level 50  : bash              
Level 50  : disarm            Level 50  : energyshield      
Level 51  : epiphany          Level 51  : summon            
Level 52  : breach            Level 56  : change sex        
Level 60  : dazzle            Level 60  : fireproof         
Level 60  : gate              Level 60  : scrolls           
Level 62  : spectral hand     Level 64  : true sight        
Level 65  : staves            Level 70  : acidshield        
Level 70  : earthbind         Level 70  : wands             
Level 75  : blast             Level 81  : glitterdust       
Level 85  : major rune ward   Level 86  : dispel magic      
Level 86  : dissolving arrow  Level 88  : chromatic salvo   
Level 91  : winter frost      Level 101 : slam

As I said before, this is all the possible skills and spells a battlemage can get. If they aren't gained in creation, there is a second chance to gain them at the trainer (but it's cheaper in the end to gain them in the beginning and have a higher experience to level - it allows you to practice your skills/spells up to the maximum of 100%).
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