Complete Healing
SPELL                        Group: Psionics
Long ago when psis first made their presence felt in the lands they
learned that they were able to mystically heal their wounds.  They 
found that by simply saying a few small words that their wounds 
would be partially healed.  What they later learned was that if 
they focused their minds briefly on healing and then put themselves 
into a deep sleep-like trance then their wounds would soon after be 
completely healed.  However soon after learning this technique they 
also learned that when they were  in the trance that they were unable 
to wake themselves up until their wounds were completely healed.  
Because of their vulnerability while they were entranced they soon 
found it best  to use this ability when they were in places they felt

(ooc : This spells will completely heal ones wounds in a relatively 
short time, but it also won't allow you to move or even wake up 
while it is in effect.)    

Classes and levels for complete healing:
mystic      : 62  seer        : 47
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