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[Aces & Jokers] [Pair of Aces] See - [Pair of Jokers] See -
[Pair of Aces] [Ace of Knights] See - [Ace of Dragons] See -
[Pair of Jokers] [The Black Joker] See - [The Red Joker] See -
[Pair of Kings] [King of Swords] See - [King of Shields] See -
[Pair of Queens] [Queen of Frost] See - [Queen of Fire] See -
[Queens & Kings] [Pair of Queens] See - [Pair of Kings] See -
[Selferman] The Original Light Sabre: "Nor'Easter" Perfect Crystal Crystallis/In room "A Stank Cave" (nd11nu4es3es2esenws2e8s4wn2w8n2w4n2ed3n) Hilt of Some Strange Weapon Trillium Caverns/In room "Jaysahn's Cell" (9es2e2swds2e2sw2des)
Arms made of Dragon Scale Shimmering Sleeves See Dragonscale skin See
Battleaxe of Frozen Flames Freezing Pole |Black Crag Mountains/In room "Echoing Passageway" (9w2ne4nws2e4nenen)|~ Icing Death Black Crag Mountains/In room "Toppling Pathway" (9w2ne4nws2e2n2w)
A Boulder-Tipped Stick A Small Boulder Thunderbeast Mountains/Boulder-Wallop Grollub (nd11nu4es5we3s3e5s4e4se2s3e2s3e14s3e2nw) A Large Prodding Stick Thunderbeast Mountains/Red Cap Mine Brownie (10sw4se5se3s3uwsen2e6n4w3n2e2n)
A Demonic Patch A Demon Talisman Plains of Nether/Shadow Devil (9wn2wd2wn4d2e) Patch of the Waywatchers Enchanted Forest/Nymph (9es5e2ne3nenwswnenwnw2esws)
A Flawless Lavender Crayon Broken Lavender Crayon Bottom Imm Quest Broken Lavender Crayon Top Imm Quest
A Group of Cows A Sleeping Cow Imm Quest A Munching Cow Imm Quest
A Herd of Horses A Beautiful Horse Imm Quest A Strong Stag Imm Quest
A Large Fenced Barnyard A Long Section of Fencing Imm Quest A Few Wooden Posts Imm Quest
A Perfect Aquamarine Crayon Broken Aquamarine Crayon Bottom Imm Quest Broken Aquamarine Crayon Top Imm Quest
A Pointy Crimson Crayon Broken Crimson Crayon Bottom Imm Quest Broken Crimson Crayon Top Imm Quest
A Repaired Sunstone A Broken Sunstone Fragment Summershrine/Summershrine Pilgrim (9es4e2s6es2ese4su) A Cracked Sunstone Fragment Summershrine/Summershrine Pilgrim (9es4e2s6es2ese3s5eu)
A Shadowy Brand Shadowy Tattoo Plains of Nether/Shadow Beast (9wn2wd2wn4d2ws) Brand of the Dark Druids Enchanted Forest/Kulgan (9es5e2ne3nenwswnenwnw2esws3enene3s4es2w)
A Shiny New Crayon Box A Crayon Sharpener Imm Quest A Worn Yellow Cardboard Box Imm Quest
A Smooth Green Crayon Broken Green Crayon Bottom Imm Quest Broken Green Crayon Top Imm Quest
Amethyst Twinkle Crystal Spider Eyes Crystallis/Crystal Spider (nd11nu4es3es2esenws2e8s4wn2w8n2w4n2ed2nw3n) Lavender Eyeballs Xarahad/Hilari (9w2nw3nwne2n3w2nw6ne11n4u2ws)
An Image of Dancing Faeries A Bright Faerie The Fortress/Draderi (9es3e2ne2n2e4ne2neu) A Young, Dancing Faerie The Fortress/Draderi (9es3e2ne2n2e4ne2neu)
Aura of Intelligence An Ancient Aura Delirium/Old Man (?) Some Piggy Intelligence FairyTale/Third Little Pig (9w2nune2nu2nd9ne3n2e)
AWESOME PANTS!!! Pair of Pant Legs See - See -
Battlereign Trophy [Aces & Jokers] See - [Queens & Kings] See -
Blinding Darkness Multicolored Night Chaos Vale/Ugly Cloud (10sw4se5se3s3uws2w5s) A Bright, White Flash Fortress/Mad Fireworks Scientist (9es3e2ne2n2e4nw5ne)
Bloodied Battle Gear Some Body Armor Tramont/Tramont Guard (8w2sw2sw2s2wnwd) Some Crimson Robes
Cold Heart of Amber Teeth of an Ice Wyvern The Tundra/Ice Wyvern (?) Pendant of Amber Xarahad/Dereyos (9w2nw3nwne2n3w2nw6ne11n2u5wn)
Creation Unraveled Heartstone of the Coming Storm See - Hearstone of Impending Doom See -
Crystal Armor of the Void Obsidian Chitinous Scalemail (?) The Zodiac/Obsidian Scorpio Gucynian Platemail Gucynia/Basturn (9w2ne8n13e4nw)
DeathSwing [Left Half] Ancient Relic of Axes See - [Right Half] Ancient Relic of Axes See -
Demonic Rune of Malice and Bloodlust Malice Demonicum/Dreadlord Officer (9e2sws2es) Bloodlust Demonicum/Dreadlord Officer (9e2sws2es)
Devil's Trident [Left Half] Ancient Relic of Polearms See - [Right Half] Ancient Relic of Polearms See -
Evolutionary Growth Glowing Ring of Dark Lichen Chaos Vale/Berserker Spawn (10sw4se5se3s3uws2w8sw) Ring of Wisdom Xarahad/Nin (9w2nw3nwne2n3w2nw6ne9n)
Flame Engulfed Obsidian Crown Shadowed Cowl Delirium/Shadowed Beast (?) A Red Hood FairyTale/Little Red Riding Hood (9w2nune2nu2nd7nene)
Flaming Trident of Evil Runic Trident Demonicum/Frostburn (?) Demonic Rune of Malice and Bloodlust Demonicum/Frostburn (?)
Flawless Glass Boots Blistered Marbles Chaos Vale/Ugly Cloud (10sw4se5se3s3uws2w5s) Shoes with the Toes Scuffed FairyTale/Bashful (9w2nune2nu2nd5n4en)
Fruit Salad Silver Studded Strawberries Chaos Vale/Demented Butterfly (10sw4se5se3s3uws2w8s2w) Virulent Tomatoes Chaos Vale/Mad Cabbage (10sw4se5se3s3uws2w5sw)
Heartstone of Impending Doom Heartstone of Universal Paradox See - Heartstone of Twilight See -
Heartstone of the Coming Storm Heartstone of the Raging Twister See - Heartstone of the Cyrstal Oath See -
Heartstone of the Crystal Oath Heartstone of Ice See - Heartstone of Cold See -
Heartstone of the Crystal Oath Heartstone of Heat See - Heartstone of Ice See -
Heartstone of the Raging Twister Heartstone of Air See - Heartstone of Earth See -
Heartstone of Twilight Heartstone of Light See - Heartstone of Darkness See -
Heartstone of Universal Paradox Heartstone of Fire See - Heartstone of Water See -
Kelvix's Deadly Lash Lizard's Tail Bangzui Gardens/Woo Lim (9wn2wnw3nw2nw8n2w) Razor Sharp Thorns Bangzui Gardens/Wang Gao (9wn2wnw3nw2nw9n2w3n)
Khalor's Brutal Mace Blind Eyes FairyTale/Hoary Blind Witch (?) A Steel Rod FairyTale/Happy (9w2nune2nu2nd5n4es)
Kurst's Honor Tempered Steel Shrine of Lexan/Avatar of Lexan (10sw4se5se3s3uwsen2en2es4e3n2w2n3en2w2d) Honorable Soul Shrine of Lexan/Abecedarian of Lexan (10sw4se5se3s3uwsen2en2es4e3n2e2ne)
Lance of Oblivion [Left Half] Ancient Relic of Two-handed Spears See - [Right Half] Ancient Relic of Two-handed Spears See -
Lash of Deceit [Left Half] Ancient Relic of Whips See - [Right Half] Ancient Relic of Whips See -
Legacy of Paine Long Silver Blade Tramont/Personal Guard (8w2sw2sw2s2wnw2d3nu3n) Ornate Pommel Tramont/Lord of Tramont Keep (8w2sw2sw2s2wnw2d3nu3nu2nuenesuwneuw)
Llanos' Penis Long Shaft Effeminate Dwarf/Breck (9w2nund8n2enes) Pair of Hairy Balls Effeminate Dwarf/In room "The Dance Floor" (9w2nund8n2ene2n4e)
Magical Bindings Magic Armband Enchanted Forest/Dorin (9es5e2ne3nenwswnenwnw2esws3enene3s4enenwn Shackles of Fear Delirium/Fear (?)
Martyr's Sting Falcon's Talon Church of Llewellyn/Falcon (9es5e2n2eswses2wse4se11sun2wu3es) Deadly Intent Church of Llewellyn/Templar of Llewellyn (9es5e2n2eswses2wse4se11sun2wu2en)
Norca's Harpoon Steel Haft Forest of Horrors/Haunted Soul (10sw4se5se3s3uws2w4ne2n2e2snw3s2w2swnws2wn2wneswse3s2w) Barbed Thorn Forest of Horrors/Eidolon (10sw4se5se3s3uws2w4ne2n2e2snw3s2w2swnws2wn2wneswse3s)
Paint Splattered Apron Dusty Apron Xarahad/Rorl (9w2nw3nwne2n3w2nw6ne11n2u3wn) Painter's Smock Xarahad/Jond (9w2nw3nwne2n3w2nw6ne11n2u4ws)
Pyriel's Wrath Haunting Laughter Zodiac/Small Star Spirit (?) Hellfire Zodiac/Mischivious Solar Spirit (?)
Ring of Shielding Light Blue Gemstone Nocturne Keep/Sparoa (?) Silver Ring Setting Nocturne Keep/In room "Bottom of the Well" (?)
Runic Trident Broken Obsidian Shaft Demonicum/Frostburn (?) Damaged Soulsteel Trident Top Demonicum/Demonic Gladiator(?)
Sabin's Infidelity Some dinosaur droppings Jurassis/Minmi Fossilized Urine Jurassis/Saurolophus
Seashells and Weeds A Clump of Seaweed The Ocean/In Room "Teal Lagoon" (10sw4se3sded3ed13eu5e2s2e5s2d) A Tiny Seashell The Ocean/Monk Seal (10sw4se3sded3ed13eu3e2s)
Shield named 'Midnight' Blanket of Night Ruins of Hrathis/Avatar of Sunset (8w2sw2sw13s11wd11e7su2n2w2ne3u) Light of Morning Ruins of Hrathis/Avatar of Sunrise
Silky Lingerie Silken Kimono Bangzui Gardens/See Tong (9wn2wnw3nw2nw5nw) A Nightgown FairyTale - Grandmother (9w2nune2nu2nd7nene2n)
Silver Klaive [Left Half] Ancient Relic of Daggers See - [Right Half] Ancient Relic of Daggers See -
Smoldering Scrap of Flesh Firestorm Belt Enchanted Forest/Saraun (9es5e2ne3nenwswnenwnw2esws3enene3s4en3enw) A Thin Strip of Flesh Delirium/Rotting Corpse (?)
Soulflayer [Left Half] Ancient Relic of Flails See - [Right Half] Ancient Relic of Flails See -
Spider Queen's Embrace Araignee Crystallis/Crystal Spider (nd11nu4es3es2esenws2e8s4wn2w8n2w4n2ed2nw3n2ed) Egg Sac Crystallis/Crystal Spider (nd11nu4es3es2esenws2e8s4wn2w8n2w4n2ed2nw4n)
Star Blade [Left Half] Ancient Relic of Sabres See - [Right Half] Ancient Relic of Sabres See -
Statue of Malacoda Some ass hair Solennir/Abul (4wn) Steaming Pile of Shit Solennir/Abul (4wn)
Stoneskull Flail Large Stone Skull Ruins of Hrathis/Ghost of a Gladiator (8w2sw2sw13s7w) Thick Iron Link Ruins of Hrathis/Wave Tyrant (8w2sw2sw11s2e4ses3e2s3e2s)
Summer's Fiery Passion Summer's Embrace Summershrine/Summershrine Warden (9es4e2s6es2ese3s4e4s) Summer's Kiss Summershrine/Summershrine Warden (9es4e2s6es2ese3s4e4s)
Sword of NoName [Left Half] Ancient Relic of Swords See - [Right Half] Ancient Relic of Swords See -
Tailored Yellow Rose Petals Putrid Roses Chaos Vale/Deranged Popsicle (10sw4se5se3s3uws2w5s2w) Bright Yellow Pants FairyTale - Happy (9w2nune2nu2nd5n4es)
Talking Green Parrot Breath of Life The Isles/Captain Amos Trask (9es5e2n2eswses2ws2esenw15sesese2sew13se6n6e) Pile of Green Feathers The Isles/Undead Captain Blackbeard (?)
Terrifying Murmur Whispers of Nightmare Plains of Nether/Shadow Beast (9wn2wd2wn4d2e) Whisper of the Forest Enchanted Forest/Elven Ranger (9es5e2ne3nsn)
The Blessed Death [Left Half] Ancient Relic of Maces See - [Right Half] Ancient Relic of Maces See -
The Chicken's Cage A Noisy Rooster Imm Quest A Pruning Hen Imm Quest
The Glyph to Summer's Door The Sun in Summer Connect "Summer Breeze" and "Summer Rain" Summer's Fiery Passion Connect "Summer's Embrace" and "Summer's Kiss"
The Pig Pen A Baby Piggy Imm Quest The Mother Pig Imm Quest
The Sun in Summer A Summer Breeze Summershrine/Summershrine Warden (9es4e2s6es2ese3s4e4s) A Summer Rain Summershrine/Summershrine Warden (9es4e2s6es2ese3s4e4s)
Toothy Smirk Some Big Teeth FairyTale/Big Bad Wolf (9w2nune2nu2nd7nene) Goofy Grin FairyTale/Dopey (9w2nune2nu2nd5n4e)
Torch's Sabre Rusted Sabre Lyonesse/Strong Dockworker (9es5e2n2eswses2wse4se5s7e4s) Fiery Spirit Lyonesse/Queen Isabella (9es5e2n2eswses2wse4se9s4e5ne)
Tragek's Wicked Glaive Face of the Devil SeveN SinS - Zealot of Sins (9wn2wnwn2wndw4nd) Rusted Weapon SeveN SinS - In "Beautiful Chest" Room "The Battle Zone" (9wn2wnwn2wndw4nw)
Vicious ShiV Broken Dagger Hilt Nocturne Keep/Ciran (sdse, enter nocturne, nw10n4w3n3en2u4s) Rusted Dagger Blade Nocturne Keep/Hidden in room "A Dark Cell" (?)
Wisps of Death Ball of Contained Steam Hive of Festyance/In Room "Moss Covered Tunnel" (6n2wd5n2en2dn)|~ Deadly Ferocity Hive of Festyance/Festyance ( 6n2wdn)
WormWood Staff [Left Half] Ancient Relic of Spears See - [Right Half] Ancient Relic of Spears See -
Zakim's Crystal Flail Iron Chain Gypsy Camp/Gypsy in Training (9es4e3sw18se) Dark Crystal Ball Gypsy Camp/Esmerelda (9es4e3sw3sw)

Connect Item Stats

(Items that were connects of connects and quest items have been removed)
[Selferman] The Original Light Sabre: "Nor'Easter" Sabre (Shining) 33/33 -2 Dex +1; Cha +1 Sharp Vorpal Jinx Light
Battleaxe of Frozen Flames Axe (Absorption) 30/30 -2 100/0/0 Flaming Frost Vampiric
A Boulder-Tipped Stick Mace (Boulder) 100/100 -3 300/0/0 Str +3; Dex +2 Twohanded Wpoison Earth Obfuscate
A Demonic Patch Patch 25/25 -3 19/19/19/19 350/0/0 Cha +1; Int +3 Detect Invis
A Repaired Sunstone Wand 8 charges level 101 midnight sun
A Shadowy Brand Ankle 15/15 -5 20/20/20/20 -20 200/200/-100 Wis +3; Luc -2
Amethyst Twinkle Eyes 25/25 -3 20/20/20/20 350/0/0 Wis +4 Invisibility
An Image of Dancing Faeries Arms 25/25 -3 21/21/21/21 350/0/0 Luc +3 Sneak
Aura of Intelligence Float (Container) 33/33 -2 350/0/0 Str +2; Dex +2; Con +2; Cha +2
AWESOME PANTS!!! Legs 35/35 -5 35/35/35/35 -40 500/0/0 Dex +3
Battlereign Trophy Float 40/40 -4 50/50/50/50 450/450/450 Int +3; Dex +3; Str +3 Prismaticshield
Blinding Darkness Light 25/25 -3 350/0/0 Str +2; Luc +2 Farsight
Bloodied Battle Gear Body 25/25 -3 20/20/20/20 -20 350/0/0 Haste
Cold Heart of Amber Neck 25/25 -3 23/23/23/23 350/200/200 Int +3 Iceshield
Creation Unraveled Light 40/40 -6 -20 600/600/600 Wis +2; Int +2; Dex +2; Str +2 Farsight
Crystal Armor of the Void Body 25/25 -3 30/30/30/30 -20 350/350/0 Dex +2; Con +2; Str +2 Regeneration
DeathSwing Axe (Chop) 33/33 -3 450/0/0 Str +6 Sharp Vorpal Obfuscate Depletion
Devil's Trident Polearm (Flame) 30/30 -2 250/400/0 Wis +2
Evolutionary Growth Finger 25/25 -3 20/20/20/20 350/350/0 Int +2 Detect Hidden
Flame Engulfed Obsidian Crown Head 25/25 -3 25/25/25/25 300/0/300 Fireshield
Flaming Trident of Evil Spear (Scorch) 25/25 -2 -20 300/300/0 Str +2 Flaming Shocking Osmosis Accursed
Flawless Glass Boots Feet 25/25 -3 20/20/20/20 -15 300/200/0 Passdoor
Fruit Salad Hands 25/25 -3 20/20/20/20 350/0/0 Cha +3 Flying
Kelvix's Deadly Lash Whip (Drain) 33/33 -3 300/0/0 Str +3; Dex +2 Vampiric Vorpal Accursed Jinx
Khalor's Brutal Mace Mace (Righteousness) 20/20 -5 250/500/0 Frost Vampiric Light Obfuscate
Kurst's Honor Sword (Justice) 33/33 200/0/0 Str +4 Sharp Vorpal Light
Lance of Oblivion Spear (Impalement) 50/150 -3 400/300/0 Str +2; Wis +2 Twohanded Osmosis Jinx Exhaustion
Lash of Deceit Whip (Venom) 33/33 -1 250/250/0 Str +2; Int +2 Vorpal Shocking Earth Fatigue
Legacy of Paine Sword (Acbite) 100/100 -2 -50 200/0/0 Twohanded Flaming Frost Shocking
Llanos' Penis Dagger (Slime) 30/30 -1 250/0/0 Cha -5 Wpoison Osmosis Accursed
Magical Bindings Wrist 25/25 -3 20/20/20/20 -20 300/300/0 Shockshield
Martyr's Sting Dagger (Sting) 33/33 -2 150/50/50 Sharp Vorpal Exhaustion Depletion
Norca's Harpoon Spear (Rend) 33/33 -1 200/0/0 Str +4; Dex +4 Sharp Wpoison Rotting Obfuscate
Paint Splattered Apron Body 33/33 -1 33/33/33/33 300/0/0 Con +2; Str +2
Pyriel's Wrath Axe (Abjuration) 30/30 -1 225/0/0 Str +4; Dex +4 Sharp Accursed Exhaustion Fatigue
Sabin's Infidelity Dagger (Sanctity) 30/30 -2 -20 200/0/0 Sharp Vorpal Shocking
Seashells and Weeds Ankle 25/25 -3 25/25/25/25 -20 350/350/0 Swim
Shield named 'Midnight' Shield 25/25 -3 -20 350/0/0 Cha +2; Dex -1
Silky Lingerie About 25/25 -3 25/25/25/25 -15 350/350/350 Dex +2; Cha +2 Prismaticshield
Silver Klaive Dagger (Pierce) 33/33 -2 150/0/0 Dex +2; Str +2 Frost Sharp Vorpal Wpoison
Smoldering Scrap of Flesh Waist 33/33 -1 24/24/24/20 350/0/0 Str +1; Luc +2
Soulflayer Flail (Frost) 25/25 -2 400/200/0 Wis +3; Dex +2 Frost Vampiric Light Osmosis
Spider Queen's Embrace Waist 25/25 -3 20/20/20/20 350/0/350 Detect Magic
Star Blade Sabre (Laceration) 25/40 200/0/400 Dex +4
Statue of Malacoda Hold Asshairshield
Stoneskull Flail Flail (Stone) 20/20 -5 -15 100/0/0 Vampiric Earth Osmosis
Sword of NoName Sword (Slice) 33/33 -1 300/0/0 Dex +2 Flaming Sharp Vorpal Rotting
Tailored Yellow Rose Petals Legs 22/22 -3 20/20/20/20 -15 350/100/0 Dex +4 Berserk
Talking Green Parrot Float 30/30 -2 30/30/30/30 -15 325/335/0 Int +3; Str +3 Flying
Terrifying Murmur Ear 25/25 -3 20/20/20/20 350/0/0 Wis +1; Dex +1 Infrared
The Blessed Death Mace (Crush) 25/25 -3 300/300/0 Wis +2; Int +2 Vorpal Shocking Light Depletion
Toothy Smirk Face 25/25 -3 20/20/20/20 350/0/0 Cha +2; Con +2 Regeneration
Torch's Sabre Sabre (Blaze) 30/30 -1 Dex +4 Sneak Flaming Sharp Rotting Jinx
Tragek's Wicked Glaive Polearm (Shivers) 30/30 -3 300/0/0 Frost Vampiric Accursed Depletion
Vicious ShiV Dagger (Toxin) 0/30 300/0/0 Dex +3 Vorpal Wpoison Rotting
Wisps of Death Whip (Draft) 100/100 -3 275/0/0 Twohanded Shocking Wpoison Obfuscate
WormWood Staff Spear (Thwack) 1 -3 -20 500/500/500 Wis +2; Int +4 Osmosis Accursed Jinx Obfuscate

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