Assassination Kris Shadow/Shadow Thieves Bazaar Bandit Merchant 33/33 -2 100/0/0 Sharp Vorpal Depletion 2n3e2n
Big Stabba Dagger Thrust/Pierce Ironmountain Keep Bolgroth; Grakk; Orlak; Gash; Ulgokā€¦ 33/25 -1 220/0/0 Str +2; Dex +2 Vorpal Wpoison Jinx unwun3w6n3e4swuesunu3sunw
Blade of Joyous Pity Discombobulation/Mental Chaos Vale Massive Dust Particle 33/33 -1 250/0/0 Vorpal Rotting Jinx dne
Bloodfang Acidic Bite/Acidic Crystallis High Priestess of Crystallis 30/30 -2 Obfuscate Vorpal Shocking 2n2ed2nw3n2ede
Blood-Stained Dagger Pierce/Pierce Elysium Wizened Shopkeeper 20/20 -1 100/100/0 Sharp Vorpal up from Guildhall, 3wse
Blue Dagger Bubbles/Drowning Thieves Bazaar Fahvrin 33/33 0 225/0/0 Sharp Wpoison Light 9esenend6n
Bone Shank Puncture/Pierce Lake Minterpia Statue of an Ancient Hero 33/33 -2 150/0/0 Str +1 Sharp Wpoison Rotting 10sw4se5se3s3uws4ese8n2e3d6nw
Bright Dagger Glare/Light Sherwood Forest Sheriff of Nottingham 25/25 Dex +3 Sharp Rotting Light 9w2nw3nwne2n3w2nwne2seswse
Butcher's Knife Iron/Iron Delirum The Chef 30/30 -2 Dex +3; Str +3 Wpoison Acidic Rotting 8w2s2w4s2wnw2d3nun, enter orb, 3new
Chill of the Grave Umbra/Shadow Demonicum Ice Stalker 25/25 -1 300/0/0 Frost Vampiric Shocking
Corrosive Tooth Bile/Poison Plains of Nether Shadow Beast 25/25 -2 350/0/0 Sharp Wpoison Acidic 9wn2wd2wn4d3e
Cursed Dagger Void/Negative Black Crag Mountains Shaymire 30/30 -2 100/0/100 Str -1; Int -1 Flaming Sharp Accursed 9w2ne4nws2e4nene2n2w2ne4nwn
Dagger named "PlagueFang" Contagion/Disease The Forgotten Temple Darkhan Darkblade 10/30 -2 100/0/0 Vampiric Wpoison Rotting 10sw4se5se3s3uws2w8sw5se
Dagger named "Souldrain" Absorption/Negative Demonicum Jesoph, the Demon Warrior 30/30 -2 100/0/0 Vampiric Wpoison Osmosis 9e2sws5e
Dagger of -=[AvaricE>=- Shock/Lightning SeveN SinS GreeD 20/20 -3 225/0/150 Frost Wpoison Accursed s9wn2wnwn2wndw4nu3n
Dagger of Jewels Flare/Light Thieves Bazaar Fahvrin 33/33 Vorpal Shocking Acidic 9esenend6n
Dagger of Mystical Fungus Soil/Earth Chaos Vale HUGE Booger 33/33 -3 300/0/0 Flaming Wpoison Rotting 10sw4se5se3s3uws2wnw
Daggerblast Blast/Bash Tramont Tramont Guard 16/16 0/200/0 Frost Shocking Light 8w2sw2sw2s2wnw
Dragon Talon Claw/Slash Nocturne Keep "Secure Room" 30/30 300/0/0 Dex +3 Vorpal Rotting Obfuscate Ciran has the silver key to open the chest
Duck Bone Silver/Silver FairyTale Gretel 30/30 -2 200/0/0 Flaming Shocking Rotting 9w2nune2nu2nd6n4w2nenw6ne
Frostbite Frost/Cold The Tundra Cold Adventurer 10/10 -2 200/50/0 Frost Shocking Wpoison nd11nu4es5we2nw2s
Glyph Encrusted Hunting Knife Nightshade/Poison Thousand Oaks Forest Urshuk'ila the forest king 20/20 -2 Dex +2 Sharp Shocking Wpoison
Gucynian Shortsword Rend/Slash Gucynia Glyddyn; Caraeryn; Cadirewen 33/25 -2 200/0/0 Dex +3 Frost Vampiric Sharp 9w2ne6n12e
Llanos' Penis Slime/Acid Connect Connect "Long Shaft" and "Hairy Balls" 30/30 -1 250/0/0 Cha -5 Wpoison Rotting Obfuscate
Martyr's Sting Sting/Pierce Connect Connect 'Falcons Talon" and "Deadly Intent" 33/33 -2 250/50/50 Sharp Vorpal Exhaustion
Olive Oil Dagger Torment/Negative Chaos Vale Ugly Cloud 15/15 Haste Vampiric Shocking Acidic 11sw4se5se3s3uws2w6s
Petrification Uprooting/Wood Crystallis Spider Queen 30/30 100/0/0 Osmosis Obfuscate Depletion nd11nu4es3es2esenws2e8s4wn2w8n2w4n2ed2nw3n2edn
Puff of Air Fog/Air Forest of Horrors Hidden in room 'In the Carcass' 20/20 -3 150/0/0 Shocking Sharp Exhaustion 10sw4se5se3s3uws2w4ne2n2e2snw3s2w2swnws2wn2wn
Ritualistic Icicle Kris Icicles/Cold Frozen Moon Alcove Moonshadow Cult Leader 25/25 -1 200/0/0 Frost Shocking Obfuscate nd11nu4es5we5s3ws2w3s3e4s3e15n
Robin Hood's Dagger Divine/Holy Sherwood Forest Robin Hood 0/29 110/0/0 AC -20 Passdoor Frost Shocking Obfuscate 9w2nw3nwne2n3w2nwne2sesws2w3u4wu
Sabin's Infidelity Sancity/Holy Connect Connect 'Dinosaur droppings' and 'fossilized urine' 30/30 -2 200/0/0 Sharp Vorpal Shocking
Sacrificial Knife None Forged Item - None None
Serving Knife Sterling/Silver Xarahad Aeza 25/25 150/150 Sharp Frost Rotting 9w2nw3nwne2n3w2nw6ne12n
Sewing Needle Sliver/Silver Xarahad Ylia 30/30 AC -20; Cha +2 Sharp Shocking Depletion 9w2nw3nwne2n3w2nw6ne11n2u4wn
Shard of Glass Shriek/Sound Thieves Bazaar buy from Bandit Merchant 33/33 -3 100/0/0 Vampiric Sharp Vorpal 9esenend2n3e2n
Sharp Hair Needle Sting/Pierce Gucynia Labrylla 30/33 -2 Dex +3 Frost Sharp Jinx 9w2ne8n13e12nw
Sharpened Stick Splinter/Wood Bangzui Gardens Cai Han 30/30 -2 100/0/0 Light Obfuscate Exhaustion 9wn2wnw3nw2nw9nw
Silver Klaive Pierce/Pierce Ogre Brothers Quest Connect right and left halves of the "Ancient Relic of Daggers" 33/33 -2 150/0/0 Dex +2; Str +2 Frost Sharp Wpoison
Small Dagger Scribed "The Purger" Plasma/Mental Suspended Kingdom Authority 10/10 -2 300/0/0 Flaming Vampiric Shocking s10u7e
Small Spark Flaming Bite/Fire Chronos Fire Being 33/33 -1 100/0/0 Str +3 Flaming Sharp Osmosis
Solarflare Dagger Force/Energy The Zodiac Mischievious Solar Spirit 20/20 -1 Fireshield Flaming Sharp Vorpal
Stiletto Wrath/Energy Elysium buy from Steelforger 25/25 -3 None nd11nu4wn
Stiletto Wrath/Energy Solennir Apprentice Weaponsmith 25/25/ -3 None 3en
Throatslitter Slit/Slash Demonicum Darubah 20/20 -1 150/150/0 AC -20 Frost Shocking Wpoison
Touch of the Abyss Drain/Negative Temple of the Divine Minion of the Abyss 30/30 -2 Sharp Vorpal Accursed
Twisted Iron Dagger Cold Steel/Iron Ruins of Oppidus Scrawny Survivor 20/20 -2 250/0/0 Frost Shocking Obfuscate nd11nu6ese2n2e6n3en
Twisted Obsidian Dagger Shard/Earth Demonicum Demon Imp 30/20 -2 AC -10 Vampiric Vorpal Rotting d2s9e2swsen
Vicious Shiv Toxin/Poison Connect Connect "Broken Dagger Blade" and "Rusted Dagger Blade" 0/30 300/0/0 Dex +3 Vorpal Wpoison Rotting

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