The following is a list of all damage types and their associated damage

 **Bash:**        Blast, Pound, Beating, Charge, Bitchslap, Punch, Smash, Thwack, Crush, Thump

 **Pierce:**       Stab, Bite, Pierce, Scratch, Peck, Sting, Chomp, Thrust, Puncture, Impalement

 **Slash:**        Slice, Slash, Whip, Claw, Rend, Cleave, Chop, Slit, Cut, Laceration

 **Fire:**           Flaming Bite, Flame, Inferno, Scorch, Blaze, Burning, Blistering, Searing, Pyre, Cremation

 **Cold:**          Freezing Bite, Chill, Frost, Icicles, Snowballs, Shivers, Arctic Winds, Frostbite, Iceberg, Sleet

 **Lightning:**   Shocking Bite, Shock, Spark, Static, Jolt, Bolt, Electrocution, Voltage, Amp, Galvanization

 **Acid:**          Digestion, Acidic Bite, Slime, Astringency, Acridity, Corrosion, Vomit, Ooze, Spit, Mordancy

 **Negative:**    Life Drain, Vacuum, Abjuration, Absorption, Void, Suction, Vortex, Defilement, Misery, Torment

 **Holy:**          Divine Power, Smite, Righteousness, Sacred Touch, Devoutness, Banishing, Justice, Prayer,                  Sanctity, Consecration

 **Energy:**      Wrath, Magic, Force, Power, Might, Fury, Rage, Intensity, Passion, Plasma

 **Mental:**       Mindblast, Insanity, Mania, Furor, Madness, Lunacy, Craze, Discombobulation, Blitzkrieg, Bewilderment

 **Disease:**     Contagion, Atrophy, Malady, Infection, Virus, Illness, Infirmity, Decay, Festering, Blemish, Boils

 **Drowning:**   Drowning, Spray, Vapor, Bubbles, Flood, Torrent, Gush, Cascade, Squirt, Splash

 **Light:**          Ray, Flash, Flare, Brilliance, Incandescance, Shining, Glare, Beam, Glimmer, Burst

 **Shadow:**      Dark Mists, Shadow, Umbra, Eclipse, Gloom, Nightmare, Darkness, Nightfall, Murkiness, Despondency

 **Sound:**        Shriek, Screech, Wails, Cacophany, Dissonance, Disharmony, Vociferousness, Buzz, Resonance, Howl

 **Earth:**         Shard, Soil, Terra, Gravel, Dirt, Mud, Muck, Rockslide, Boulder, Stone

 **Silver:**        Silver, Mercury, Argent, Quicksilver, Sterling, Chrome, Foil, Silver Wave, Wolvesbane, Crescent

 **Iron:**          Iron, Adamantite, Iron Grip, Ore, Nuggets, Ferrous Strike, Vulcanization, Cold Steel, Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden

 **Air:**            Gust, Gale, Harmattan, Puff, Windstorm, Breeze, Tornado, Fog, Draft, Squall

 **Wood:**        Sliver, Splinter, Timber, Sawdust, Bark, Roots, Knots, Uprooting, Plank, Shrubbery

 **Poison:**       Toxin, Bile, Venom, Contaminant, Poison, Cyanide, Nightshade, Arsenic, Gangrene, Tetanus
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