-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Delirium  ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
The mind has always been one of the most powerful forces known.  Several
centuries ago, a mad alchemist decided he would try and dig through several
of the more powerful sorcerer's minds in search of new components for his
concoctions.  Within one of these sorcerers's minds he found a new plane of
existence.  This reality was a twisted, mirrored image of his dreams.
Delving deeper within this realm of existence, the alchemist lost control
of his surroundings and was torn to bits.  The only known existence of this
once fabled alchemist is the thin tear in reality he left behind.  What lies
through it is yet to be found.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Delirium  ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Level Range: Hero         Builder: Raistlen and Epitafio

From Solennir: 8w2s2w4s2wnw2d3nun, enter orb
(There is also a portal in Suspended Kingdom)

Portal:  sd2es
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