Development Team Notes



- Which classes need the most attention and require the least amount of "new" coding to fix?


- How can race stats be balanced properly when some stats are weighted more at different stages for a player?

Con is only useful for leveling
Luc is mostly useful for leveling (Not sure how much it affects combat)
Cha no known benefit in combat
Wis is useful all the time (More pracs for leveling, better spell resistance)
Int is useful all the time (Less pracs to max a skill, better spell casting)
Dex is useful all the time (Huge impact for almost all aspects of skill-based combat)
Str is useful, but not as tangible as the others (Lets you carry more, can withstand more poison before dropping weapons, better disarm defense)

- Should there be no such that as immunities and absorbs for races? Limit only to resistances.

- Should the affinities no longer apply to weapon flags, and would only account for damage? E.g., res fire would no longer reduce the chance of fireblind, just fire damage.

- If no, then how can such resistances/vulns be weighted?

- Should racial abilities not have any major pk effect and serve as more conveniences? E.g., Dwarves receive more gold or Halfings have better stealing.

- If no, then are stats fair between the haves and have nots?

-Itemization Standards for Gear (needs data)
-No wiggle room, currently makes for bland gear
-ASK KIM: How do saves work?
Kim response: Saves information is under the saves section in this wiki - you need more info?
-Gear acquisition experience revamp currently in progress
-Gear should not take more than 5 minutes to acquire, and should be soloable with hero pack gear

Teitiach's Notes


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-New area currently in the works
-Revisit after codebase reverion

Roland's Notes


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Fizpan's Notes


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Connect EQ
-Reassessment since codebase reversion

-Might be a programming bug, bring up in next meeting
Alecca response: push is currently disabled, as is drag

-Potions need to be reviewed for hero level affects
-Itemization for hero access
-even playing field utility potions

-Similar to Mortiis, statue to fallen/honored players
Alecca' response: We've also lost Faded
-A wooden bench, or a few pieces for players to emote/stand/rest on
-maybe a discrete/shadowwalked shopkeeper with 'exotic' (recycled vnums) food/drink from the rest of the game - nothing else

Class trainers: Were changed from a guild under Solennir/Midgaard
-Could be combined again into the same mob
-Important note: these were the only alternative tactical safe rooms in the game, class flagged room afaik
-Needs to be monitored for player feedback
-Move to Dev Tasklist for research

New WFlag Itemization:
-Newly added flags on weapons need to be added into the game on new or existing content
-Weapon Flags:
Exhaustion: Move Damage
Fatigue: Move Leech
Depletion: Mana Damage
Accurse: Stacking saves flag

Lightweight Weapons
-One of each type of Wtype

Great plains dirs/portal

Ruins of Oppidus dirs/portal

Wormwood Staff (Connect Weapon from Ogre Brothers)
-Damage ranges inconsistent with level
Nevalis Response: This was intentional as it's meant to be a caster weapon. May consider making similar changes to other weapons which allows for better stat buffs/flags to compensate for less damage

Default class groups (Needs Design)
-40 CPs of useful skills/spellgroups for each class for newbies

Help Spell_Regen
-Needs a text file drafted for pasting that explains Regen is a discrete effect (does not show on affect)

Spell Damtypes
-Need to be added to helpfiles for all spells and skills

Frozen Moon
the hp and cultists dispelling/casting spark be changed? It don't make much sense for it to take 10 rounds or so for a hero to kill one
if it's mostly a lvling area.
** Up to Teitiach

Deprecated Tasks

Teleporter Area Transports

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