Syntax: Dopple [victim]
Syntax: Dopple [self]

(Special Note)
Dopple is the base skill of the morpheous.  The skill allows them
to duplicate a creatures form. The process of duplication is exacting,
the changling takes on almost all physical aspects of the victim. The
victim of the dopple must be present, unless their form has been memorized
(see form memory). Doppling a creature is an unnerving event to the victim
and will surely result in combat unless performed successfully. After a
creature is doppled, the morpheous can use the 'talents' command to
inspect the abilities of their new form.  Duplicating very healthy
creatures or creatures blessed with natural armor can have additional
benefits.  'Dopple self' can be used by a doppled morpheous to revert back
to his or her true form.

For help on the morpheous class, use 'HELP CLASS_MORPHEOUS'


Classes and levels for dopple:
morpheous   : 1
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