SPELL                        Group: Mental
Being able to sense and "feel" things that some other beings 
can't have mystics have found that all things, both living 
and inanimate, have magical powers.  Because of this knowledge 
mystics have sometimes been known to seek out these it
ems of great magical power, upon finding these items and using 
them they found that they were able to do more with their 
innate skills and abilities.  Over time though many other 
beings came into being, and they too carried with them magical 
objects.  Seeing that items of such power were so common many 
mystics began to gather and stockpile these magical treasures.
But no matter what they did, they could never keep these items 
protected from skilled thieves in the land, so out of desperation 
they attempted to absorb the magic from their possessions.
They then found that they could successfully drain and absorb 
all the magical abilities that virtually any item had within it.
The only problem that they could find with this newfound 
knowledge was that when an item was drained of it's magic, 
it was completely destroyed.
(OOC - This spell if successfully cast will recover part of 
your mana from any object in your inventory. Choose your items 
carefully, the imms will not replace any items that you 
cast this spell on, even if you did so by accident.        

Classes and levels for drain:
mystic      : 65  seer        : 50
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