The flames had devoured most of the little hamlet.  Most of the
buildings had been caught in the initial magical firestorm. Taviel 
looked around, his bloodlust not yet slaked, his breathing still heavy 
from the rush that this carnage gave him, he briefly cursed his 
Marauder demon-side because it  made rational thought useless; the
bloodlust was too great. To his left he saw Xanatos walk by, surrounded 
by a horde of demonic hounds.  He never had liked the Betrayer, not as 
a person nor his whole caste.  They were awkward and did not see the 
glory in carnage as he did.  Undeniably, though, the firestorm Xanatos 
had conjured had led to this quick victory, a shame that too many had 
died in the flames and not by Taviel's eager hands.  Letting a feral
snarl slip out between his blood soaked lips, Taviel scanned the 
remains of the hamlet once more and caught something crawling out of a
burned house.  "Good", he thought, "our Lord grants me with more sheep
to slaughter." Now that the gates of Hell had been shattered, the world 
would be reformed by the sword and torch, rivers of blood would flow 
for his Dark Master and at the end of it Taviel, the Dreadlord, would
stand at the Devil's side and bring darkness and evil retribution to 
those who dared to face them.
The dreadlord class is different from all the others since it is three 
classes in one. There are many ways of playing them and using their
talents, but remember, they are offensive in all forms there is no 
defense nor any holding back for Hell's chosen. Marauder, Betrayer,
Kinslayer, and Hellspawn are some of the names men have given the 
Dreadlords, but one word quickly sums them up:EVIL. Thanks to this 
dreadlords tend to get charged alot more more for healing and by the
shopkeeper of the realm but on the other hand most creatures of the 
wild seem to be affraid of them and will rather flee than fight.

Prime Stat: Str

See Showclass Dreadlord.

See help demon_form, help demon_form_marauder, help demon_form_betrayer
Spells/Skills for dreadlord:
Level 1   : axe               Level 1   : dagger            
Level 1   : dirt kicking      Level 1   : flail             
Level 1   : infravision       Level 1   : know alignment    
Level 1   : lore              Level 1   : mace              
Level 1   : polearm           Level 1   : refresh           
Level 1   : recall            Level 1   : shield block      
Level 1   : spear             Level 1   : sword             
Level 1   : whip              Level 2   : farsight          
Level 2   : hand to hand      Level 3   : fly               
Level 3   : weaken            Level 4   : armor             
Level 5   : dual wield        Level 5   : second attack     
Level 10  : detect hidden     Level 10  : detect invis      
Level 13  : dodge             Level 15  : detect evil       
Level 20  : detect good       Level 20  : devils hammer     
Level 20  : disarm            Level 20  : parry             
Level 20  : trip              Level 21  : doombolt          
Level 21  : ether orb         Level 23  : faerie fog        
Level 24  : protection good   Level 25  : 2nd dual          
Level 30  : berserk           Level 30  : enhanced damage   
Level 30  : hide              Level 30  : meditation        
Level 30  : smother           Level 32  : haste             
Level 34  : cancellation      Level 35  : fast healing      
Level 35  : rub               Level 35  : search            
Level 35  : third attack      Level 37  : detect poison     
Level 40  : bloodlust         Level 40  : deathgrip         
Level 40  : soulfire          Level 43  : detect magic      
Level 45  : 3rd dual          Level 50  : betrayal          
Level 50  : bash              Level 50  : hellfire          
Level 52  : breach            Level 54  : rapture           
Level 55  : spirit            Level 57  : terrify           
Level 58  : blasphemy         Level 60  : fear              
Level 60  : scrolls           Level 60  : vortex            
Level 64  : true sight        Level 65  : fourth attack     
Level 65  : staves            Level 67  : devils curse      
Level 70  : doom              Level 70  : earthbind         
Level 70  : wands             Level 75  : demonic rage      
Level 75  : 4th dual          Level 80  : harrowing         
Level 86  : demonic aura      Level 86  : possession        
Level 90  : shadow scythe     Level 92  : chill of despair  
Level 95  : plunder           Level 101 : apocalypse        
Level 101 : creepy crawlies   Level 101 : demonfire         
Level 101 : demon bite        Level 101 : dragon bite       
Level 101 : flesh mending     Level 101 : focus             
Level 101 : grimcleaver       Level 101 : howl of terror    
Level 101 : maim              Level 101 : nethercraft       
Level 101 : petrify           Level 101 : ravage            
Level 101 : tap energy
The dreadlords have the ability to switch into a "demon form" which 
basically allows them to become a demonic entity for a certain time. 
While in this form they gain new powers but also lose some of their 
normal abilities. There are two major forms :  a magic form named 
"Betrayer" and a brutal warrior form named "Marauder". 

(OOC) You are only allowed to pick a form once during
creation, you retain this form until remort or deletion.

[Soul Consumption and Gaining Power Levels]
Dreadlords have the ability to consume souls for different affects:
fashion a demonic weapon, improve their demonic form, or get a
quick boost of mana. Dreadlords gain souls by killing other heroes.
There is no other way of getting souls.

The demon forms have different power levels, each level increases the 
forms bonuses and allows new skills. But beware, the higher the
level of the form, the more demonic the dreadlords' soul becomes, and 
they will find it impossible to switch back from their demon form 
for some time. It is rumored that the highest ranking dreadlords are
considered more demonic than mortal and will suffer special 
vulnerabilities because of this.

(OOC) Each level requires a number of souls, this number steadily 
increases (meaning you have to pkill more and more to reach the 
higher levels. There are five levels for each form. When someone 
gains a level, the mud is alerted. To enter your demon form simply 
type: transform.  To get out of the form type transform again.
The marauder form is made for brutal onslaught.  There is nothing
delicate or refined about it.  The form usually takes the shape of a
huge demonic being with great talons and a jaw full of razor-sharp
fangs.  Horns and spikes and tails are common features.  As the form 
rises in power, it grows in size and the sharp claws that rend their 
enemies to shreds just get bigger and bigger. 

The following skills are available for the marauder form:
1. Demon imp: bloodlust
2. Demon servant: bloodlust, demon bite, howl of terror
3. Demon warrior: bloodlust, demon bite, howl of terror, 
   flesh mending
4. Demon warlord: bloodlust, demon bite, howl of terror, 
   flesh mending, ravage
5. Demon prince: bloodlust, demon bite, howl of terror,
   flesh mending, ravage, maim

The marauder form loses the ability to cast spells and will also 
remove any class spellups you have on (possession,demonic rage).
The betrayer form is a far more dark and subtle demon form than the 
marauder. It works with the most powerful magics, bringing out Hell's
worst powers to bear on their foes. The Dreadlords that use this form 
tend to favor other tactics than a direct frontal assault.
Appearance-wise, this form resembles a tall, lithe humanoid with
moderate growths of spikes and scales, their skin is often black or 
dark blue with bright glowing red eyes.

The following skills are available in the betrayer form:
1. Acolyte: absorb
2. Demon warlock: absorb, focus
3. Caller of the void: absorb, focus
4. Abyssal: absorb, focus, tap energy
5. Doombringer: absorb, focus, tap energy, nether powers

Betrayer form spells:
Chill of Despair, Creepy Crawlies, Demonic Aura, Deathgrip, Hellfire,
Harrowing, Soulfire, Shadow Scythe, Vortex, Rapture, Demonfire, and
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