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When a game has been around as long as Devil's Silence, or mudders have mudded for over 20 years, some vernacular is created. Here's some to help you understand what we're talking about!

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Bobs... What can we say about them?  How do we define them?
One of the eternally perplexing questions is why...  Why would someone
be a bob?  You might be wondering what a bob is, allow me to enlighten you.

Bob (n.) - A male who, on Devil's Silence, plays a female character.

How you can tell if the "girl" you're flirting with is a bob:
1)  "She" flirts back.  Any real female probably wouldn't give YOUR ass
     the time of day.
2)  "She" has a walkin such as "Bob slinks in sexily".  No real woman would
     degrade herself like this.
3)  "Her" character name is something akin to "Sexy".

Protect yourself from the Bobs of Devil's Silence. Forewarned is forearmed.

Knowledge is power!  Known 'Bobs':  Sabin, Roikadark...



PK stands for 'player kill'. "I'm going to PK you" means I'm going to kill your player, probably chase him/her down, etc, etc.


Rugo was a player who claimed to be very good (in fact, excellent and unkillable at playerkill).. Needless to say, he died a lot. He's been memorialized in this way. If you're called Rugo, or Rugo-esque, or Rugo-like, it's definitely not a compliment!

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