Effeminate Dwarf
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ The Effeminate Dwarf ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
There comes a time, in every realm, where people realize that they are a 
bit different than the rest, they choose to express themselves in other 
facets, are labelled names from eccletic to names that cannot be repeated 
here.  The Effeminate Dwarf was created as a meeting place for those with 
different needs.  This is a place where those who just don't fit in can find 
a fun atmosphere to party in...if you come here, keep an open mind, and be 
prepared to have fun!
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ The Effeminate Dwarf ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Recommedned Levels: Hero               Builder: Alecca

From Solennir: 9w2ne3nw8n2ene

Portal:  sd2nw
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