Syntax: electrokinesis <ability> <target>

Eletrokinesis is the mastery of energy and electricity, allowing
one to control raw power and shape it as one so desires. It is divided
into four different abilities.

(Arc)       With a small amount of energy, a mystic can electrify a
            foe's nervous system, making it difficult to concentrate on
            magic and fleeing.

(Bolt)      This ability will strike an opponent will several bolts of

(Shockwave) Similar to Bolt, this skill unleashes electrical energy
            around the mystic, devastating anyone caught within its

(Flash)     Focusing their energies into a single entity, mystics are
            able to blind foes with this intense blast of light.  Due
            to the intensity of this attack, it is more difficult to
            remedy than normal blind spells.


Classes and levels for electrokinesis:
mystic      : 50  seer        : 30
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