Energy Control
SPELL                        Group: Mental
Because of the mental strengths that mystics and seers possess, they
have learned some very powerful attacks.  Most of these attacks deal with
throwing physical objects at their opponents though.  Most the seers, though, 
are like their attacks, purely physical.  However, a few of the most skilled mystics 
and seers have learned that through the power of their mind they can control both 
physical objects and energy. One of the most impressive displays of seers 
manipulating energy is when they actually manage to use their abilities to actually 
deflect the awesome magical energies in their opponents' shields.  Though such a 
thing is rare to see, it does actually happen.  

This spell has a 20% chance to reduce the damage of fire, cold, lightning,
energy, drowning, or sound by 50%.

Classes and levels for energy control:
mystic      : 40  seer        : 30
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