SPELL                        Group: Weaves
When the elements of air and earth are weaved together, the caster 
attains powers that are both destructive and protective.  Such elements
are capable of turning simple pebbles into deadly projectiles, or a 
slab of rock into a shield.  Casters using this combination are often
hard to see as they tend to be hidden behind a curtain of dust and 

Sandstorm:  A spell that conjures a massive storm that strikes all
            opponents with millions of grains of sand, which can 
            also blind them.

Ensnare:    While this spell deals no damage, it sends forth vines to
            capture airborne opponents and drag them to the ground, 
            even preventing flight.

Guardian Winds:       Once cast, this spell will use the strong winds
                      to reduce damage dealt to the user until it
                      absorbs too much and dissipates.

Stone Arrow: This spell takes shards of stone and projects them at the 
             opponent, capable of hitting several times each casting.


Classes and levels for ensnare:
druid       : 89  elder       : 79
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