Exotic Weapons
Artificing Gadget Pound/Bash Lake Minterpia Statue of an Ancient Hero 20/20 -2 200/200/0 Frost Vorpal Accursed 10sw4se5se3s3uws4ese8n2e3d5nw
Aveera's Rapid-Fire Bow Tornado/Air Connect Connect "Bow Spring" and "Recurved Bow" makes "Spring Recurved Bow"; Connect "Bowstring Bracket" and "Reinforced Bowstring" makes "Bracketed Bowstring"; connect "Spring Recurved Bow" and "Bracketed Bowstring" 50/20 -2 450/0/0 Dex +3 Twohanded Sharp Vorpal Light
Bow and Arrow Pierce/Pierce FairyTale Prince Charming 25/25 300/200/0 Twohanded Earth Accursed Obfuscate
Composite Bow Sliver/Silver Thousand Oaks Forest Very Large Treant 20/20 -1 150/0/0 Vampiric Wpoison Obfuscate
Deadly Silver Claws Silver/Silver Xarahad Olo 33/33 -3 100/500/0 Frost Sharp Osmosis d12sw4se5se3s3unw15nw2ne2se3swn
Goblin Spit Screech/Sound Lair of the Goblin King Hidden on ground in Goblin King's room 30/30 -3 400/0/0 Two-Handed Sharp Acidic Rotting Exhaustion See http://dsmud.wikidot.com/goblin-invasion
Horns of Triumph Thrust/Pierce Zodiac Taurus 30/30 -1 250/0/0 Str +2; Con +2 Earth Depletion Fatigue
Intricate Scimitar Claw/Slash Solennir Armourer 19/15 250/0/0 3wn
Knowledge Might Demonicum Knowledge 33/33 -2 125/0/0 Dex +2; Str +2 Frost Shocking Wpoison
Longbow named 'Ixit' Jolt/Lightning Nocturne Keep Knight Archer 50/45 -3 350/0/0 Dex +3 Twohanded Vorpal Shocking Obfuscate
Love Potion Number Nine Mindblast/Mental Effeminate Dwarf Hermaphrodite 20/20 -2 250/0/0 Jinx Exhaustion Fatigue 9w2nund8n2enen
Magical Power Divine/Holy Tramont Student 33/33 -2 150/0/0 Int +3 Frost Shocking Fatigue 8w2sw2sw2s2wnw2d3nu2ne
Nova Star Flare/Light Realm of the Fallen Raiden 30/30 200/0/0 Flaming Vampiric Light 8w2sw2sw2s3e9nu3n4wd
Orb of Darkness Wrath/Energy Temple of the Divine Lord of the Abyss 33/33 225/0/0 Str +3 Shocking Rotting Light
Red Brick Crush/Bash FairyTale Third Little Pig 41192 200/0/0 Shocking Rotting Earth 9w2nune2nu2nd9ne3n2e
Silver Claws Argent/Silver Lost Ruins Unknown Beast 25/25 200/50/0 AC -33 Flaming Light Depletion
SnakeTongue Sting/Pierce Ironmountain Keep Witchdoctor 30/20 -2 150/0/0 AC -10; Dex +3 Wpoison Rotting Jinx 9w2ne4nws2e4nene2n2w2e4nwn2unwun3w6n3e4swuesu7ne
Spider Mandible Gangrene/Pioson Giant Tulip Black Spider 20/20 AC -15; Cha +2; Con +2; Dex +2 Shocking Light Depletion 8e2n2en17u2e10u
Spiderfang Chomp/Pierce Crystallis Crystal Spider 20/20 -2 AC -25 Frost Sharp Exhaustion
Tiger Claws Toxin/Poison Gucynia Alaran; Slinking Assassin 30/30 -1 Dex +3; Luc +3; Str +3 Wpoison Rotting Accursed 9w2n,e8n13e12n3e
Verdant Streamer Shard/Earth Nocturne Keep Knight Archer 50/40 -3 350/0/0 Str +3; Dex +3 Twohanded Flaming Accursed Earth Sharp
Water Bucket Spray/Drowning Fortress Gruffy Old Man 100/100 -3 Twohanded Sharp Shocking Rotting Frost 9es3e2ne2n2e4ne2nw


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