Explanation Of Exactly How All Forms Of Daze Work

Daze is a type of character attribute that disrupts your characters systems.
These systems include everything from your skills to your ability to flee.
With each system, daze aims to disrupt you by causing a failure.
For example, if you are affected by spell daze, it can cause you to
fail the casting of a spell in combat.

Now that you understand how daze impacts you. This is how the dazes
are applied to your character. You can get dazes from weapon flags and
skills such as Trip (Flee Daze), Bash (Spell Daze) or Dirty Fighting (Skill Daze).

How the disruption is applied is simple. You become affected for short
durations such as a couple of rounds. For any point of daze your
character receives, you have a chance for failure depending on the
type of daze and ability you are using.

For example, let's say you have a spell like Acid Blast at 100%.
When you receive SPELL_DAZE from your opponents Bash skill,
your chances of casting Acid Blast reduce to 66% from 100%.
If your spell is 75%, then you effectively reduce to 50%.

Skill Daze Examples

Shield Smash and Dirty Fighting

Spell Daze Examples


Flee Daze Examples

Trip and Shocking Weapon Flag

If you have focus (betrayer skill), spell daze is only 25% reduction.

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