First Steps
Even if this is far from your first mud, if this is your first character,
you should read the first part of "Help Newbie". First of all, we would
like to welcome you to Devil's Silence and hope that you enjoy your stay

This is a "PK MUD", meaning player kill MUD.

Devil's Silence is an adult oriented MUD.  Expect foul language and also
expect to be insulted.  Read "Help Channel".

For those of you familiar with the basics of the game, you need not read
further.  If you would like more assistance on how to play, read on!

The first thing you need to know that there are two types of players:
"Immortal" and "Mortal". You are a mortal. Immortals run the mud:
1. If an Immortal tells you to do something, DO IT.
2. Do not argue with an Immortal.
3. Do not harrass an Immortal.
4. Do not disrespect an Immortal.
Immortals are neither your friend, nor your enemy...they are your GOD..
so treat them as such.

There are many help files available to you. You DEFINITELY need to read

"Help Rules" and "Help PKRules". Not knowing the rules is not an excuse.
Read "Help Recall", we have arguments to our recall command.
You will probably wish to get an idea of the changes and the flavor of the
MUD before you start. To do this, read all notes, changes, news, ideas,
etc. Read "Help Note" for information how to do this.

How to get things started:

A good way is to enter the command WEAR ALL to outfit yourself in the
newbie gear given to you upon entering the realm for the first time.
To move, type north, south, east, west, up, or down (n s e w u d for
shorthand).  For a brief list of common commands type Index.

Now training your stats and skills should be the next step.  You can find
out where to go by typing "Help Guild" and following the instructions.

      If you want to know more about a class type Showclass (Name of
      class).  For example: Showclass Warrior

      If you want to know what a spell or skill does, type "Help Skill_"
     or "Help Spell_". For example: help skill_bash or help spell_haste

After you have trained and practiced as much as you can at this time,
making your character stronger by leveling should be next on your agenda.

      Typing Area will give you a listing of areas and their level 

      Use "Help Area_<Name of the area>". For example: Help area_castle
      It will give you the directions to the area.
      If you want some newbie areas type "Help Area_Newbie".

      It is usually a good idea to go to areas within your level range
      otherwise you may often find yourself retrieving your corpse.
      For more information on that, type "Help Corpse".

As you gain levels it is suggested that you to frequently explore areas to
find more powerful equipment to make you even stronger.  Happy mudding,
and may luck be with shall need it to travel the lands of
Devil's Silence.
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