Fog of War
While the elements of fire and water naturally oppose to one another,
this combination causes water to evaporate into a deadly steam.  Though
these spells are not as damaging as other combinations, their affects
are powerful in their own right.

Vaporize: This spell deals some damage, but possesses the ability to
          weaken the opponent with each successful cast.

Shatter:  Shatter heats up equipment to a very high temperature and
          then instantly cools it, often causing the equipment to  
          become damaged. 

Fog of War: This spell fills the area with a thick mist, making it very
            difficult to see in any direction.  It also has a slight
            chance to completely blind the foe.

Fire Elixir: This brew enchances the caster with protective spells that
             surpass their normal limitations.

Classes and levels for fog of war:
elder       : 100
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