Former Lensmoor Mud Building Glossary Armor
Couter Arm Defense for elbow. Either shallow, or more conical. Affixed to armor with laces or rivets.
Epaule de mouton Arm Steel defense for the complete arm; used for jousts. Made of single piece formed to cover whole arm.
Bracers Arms Leather or metal arm coverings, strapped to the upper or lower arms. Usually a single piece.
Pauldrons Arms Independently worn shoulder protection, usually segmented for flexibility. Either leather or metal.
Rerebrace Arms Plate defense for the upper arm.
Vambrace Arms Plate defense for the forearm, generally laced directly to underlying mail. Splinted vabraces had heavy leather reinforced with strips of metal.
Breastplate Body A solid metal plate worn to cover the torso, sometimes with a matching backplate.
Brigandine Body A heavy leather vest, extending just below the hips, with metal studs attached.
Gabeson Body Quilted linen jacket stuffed with flax or rags, worn as a body defence by infantry and over the hauberk by poor knights and sergeants.
Habergeon Body Mail coat, smaller than hauberk.
Hauberk Body A shirt of metal links, covering the body and upper arms. Chainmail.
Jupon Body Sleeveless, hip-length leather or padded textile. Worn over armour and bearing coat of arms.
Lorica Body A suit of overlapping metal plates attached with leather straps. (Roman)
Scale mail Body A series of interlocking metal scales attached to a leather backing.
Bevier Chin Cupped defense for chin attached to gorget. Popular with sallets.
Sabaton/solleret Feet Plate armour for the foot, usually of articulated plates ending with a toecap.
Gauntlet Hands Heavy gloves made for combat.
Armet Head Made of snug-fitting bowl that to just above ears, with cheeck plates attached by hinges. Usually chin pieces clasp in front and secure in the back. Bowl itself is often reinforced with additional layer of steel. Visor filled in around nose and eyes. Functional closed helmet.
Barbute Head Much like bascinet. Rounded skull, t-shaped opening for face, flaired tail and cheek pieces. Some have open face.
Bascinet Head Often has aventail attached. Large helmet with visor, sometimes removeable, sometimes able to pivot to back of head.
Coif Head A chainmail headdress.
Heaulm Head a.k.a. "barrel" or "pot" helm. Made from several smaller sheets of steel. Completely covers face. Often painted in colors, washed in gold, or decorated with brass.
Helmet Head Any of many designs of protective headwear. Helmets have varied in design and appearance greatly over time.
Kettle hat Head Strong, light, open-faced helmet. Conical crown and wide brim.
Sallet Head Type of open-faced helmet.
Spangen helmet Head Several small plates of iron or latten bound together. Often gilded or washed with gold, and adorned with precious metals or gems for ceremonial use.
Sugarloaf Head Type of helmet in which the crown is pointed and head is completely enclosed. Often adorned with cross of brass or bronze. Frequently worn in tournaments or jousts.
Cop Joints A metal joint worn over the elbow or knee, allowing flexibility.
Chauses Legs Chainmail leggings.
Greaves Legs Leg protection, much like bracers for the arms. Separate pieces for upper and lower legs.
Aventail Neck Mail skirt attached to bascinet or armet, usually hanging at least 1" below shoulder point for bascinets. Generally, attached to leather cuff that wrapped around base of bascinet and up the cheecks, and laced to helmet.
Crinet Neck Armor for a horse's neck. Made of overlapping plates from top to bottom, held together by leather strips or rivets.
Gorget Neck A metal or leather armor that encircled the neck and collarbones.
Mantle Neck A chainmail garment worn around the neck and shoulders.
Buckler Shield a small hand-shield.
Kite shield Shield A style of shield used by the Normans and Vikings, with a rounded top extending down to a point.
Pavaise Shield Large rectangular or oval shield, usually as tall as a man. Used to defend from missle weapons. Largest pavaises had props in the back to stand upright.
Shield Shield A broad piece of armor made of rigid material and strapped to the arm or carried in the hand for protection against hurled or thrusted weapons.
Ailette Shoulders Rectangular, circular, or diamond-shaped leather. Laced to shoulder. Deflects swordcut or decorative. Bears coat of arms of wearer.
Besagews Shoulder Small round "shields" laced to mail at shoulder to defend armpit. Eventually replaced by spaulders.
Spaulder Shoulder Defense for shoulder and upper arm. Sometimes attached to rerebrace.
Plaque belt Waist Formed from cast bronze, brass, or latten, a military belt formed from interlocking metal plates or metal plates riveted to a leather base.
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