Former Lensmoor Mud Building Glossary Clothes
Baldric Accessory A belt worn across the chest to support a sword.
Bandolier Accessory A belt worn across the chest fitted with many small pouches and pockets.
Belt Accessory A flexible band, as of leather or cloth, worn around the waist to support clothing, secure tools or weapons, or serve as decoration.
Corset Accessory Similar to a sash, worn under woman's dresses
Frog Accessory A loop fastened to a belt to hold a tool or weapon.
Girdle Accessory A belt or sash worn around the waist.
Kercheif Accessory Similar to a scarf, but worn by lower class, typically peasants.
Mantle Accessory A very short cloak, often covering just the shoulders.
Pouch Accessory A small bag, a purse for coins. Usually closable.
Scabbard Accessory A sheath for a sword or dagger.
Scarf Accessory A piece of fabric, often colorful, worn as a decoration or headdress.
Sheath Accessory A covering for a weapon or tool.
Snood Accessory A cloth-mesh hat, worn by women.
Collar Animal A band worn around the neck, used to restrain or identify an animal.
Girth Animal A strap encircling an animal's body to secure a load or saddle on its back.
Cape Covering An unhooded cloak.
Cloak Covering A sleeveless outer garment, worn from the neck downwards, often hooded.
Robe Covering A long, loose flowing, outer garment, often significant of church rank or position.
Dress Hanging A one-piece hanging outer garment for women or girls.
Kilt Hanging A pleated, knee-length skirt, worn by Scottish men.
Skirt Hanging A garment hanging from the waist, worn by women and girls.
Breeches Pants Trousers extending to or just below the knee.
Pantaloons Pants Wide breeches extending from waist to ankle.
Blouse/chemise Shirt A light, billowy shirt.
Bodice Shirt A woman's laced outer garment, worn like a vest over a blouse.
Doublet Shirt A close-fitting jacket, with or without sleeves.
Gown Shirt A long, loose flowing garmemt.
Jerkin Shirt A close-fitting, hip-length, collarless jacket with no sleeves, but extended shoulders. Worn over a doublet with a belt.
Surcoat Shirt A outer shirt, worn over another shirt, or over armor.
Tunic Shirt A loose-fitting garment, with or without sleeves, extending to the knees. (Greek/Roman) A medieval surcoat. (European)
Vest Shirt A sleeveless shirt.
Boots Shoes Typically made of leather, boots are generally ankle-high or higher.
Coppergate shoe Shoes Named for a burial site where found, this is style of leather ankle boot that is fastened with two buckles on the side.
Sandals Shoes The roman sandal dates to the roman empire, perhaps older. A thick leather sole is laced to the foot and partway up the calf.
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