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Here's one of my alt two-rounding someone by exploiting a bug. (The victim asked for it, it was all in fun and testing.) A lot of props for Proxy for being so much fun. Both were hero, this was not a bait kill, he was unsanced but fully equipped with qeq.

-=[ Town Center ]=-
Solennir's Town Center is a hub of activity. The two roads which
intersect here lead in the cardinal directions towards the cities gates.
Temple Avenue leads north and south, and Market Street leads east and west.
The Temple of Solennir is visible to the north.

[Exits: north east south west]
The corpse of Proxy is lying here.
[……..R…SE..] Grognak
[…..F..RW..SE..] Thenuld
[…..FL………] Proxy We are the Borg. You will be assimilated.
[….IFLARWebSa..] Unanimated Mortiis Cold Northern Steel

<23163hp 10397m 7945mv (none)exp -984 (Sneak) >

Proxy smiles happily. :)

<23163hp 10397m 7945mv (none)exp -984 (Sneak) >
mock pr
Your mock hit would have done 686 hp damage to Proxy.

<23163hp 10397m 7945mv (none)exp -984 (Sneak) > <23163hp 10397m 7945mv (none)exp -984 (Sneak) >
v prox
Your backstab <><><><><> MARTYRS <><><><><> Proxy! (Dam:4819)
A Shard of Glass draws life from Proxy.
Your backstab »> OUCH!! «< Proxy! (Dam:5883)
A Shard of Glass draws life from Proxy.
Your backstab »> IMMOLATES «< Proxy! (Dam:3166)
A Silver Klaive freezes Proxy.
Your backstab .:: BRUTALIZES ::. Proxy! (Dam:2277)
WormWood Staff draws energy from Proxy.
Your backstab <*> VIOLATES <*> Proxy! (Dam:2837)
A Shard of Glass draws life from Proxy.
Proxy is embracing death.

<PK><23245hp 10397m 7945mv (none)exp -984 (Sneak) >

Proxy dodges your attack.
Your shriek «-*-» INCINERATES «-*-» Proxy! (Dam:618)
A Shard of Glass draws life from Proxy.
Proxy's counterattack pummels you! (Dam:76)
The cold touch of DreamShredder surrounds you with ice.
You are shocked by DreamShredder.
You are splashed by acid from DreamShredder.
Pain engulfs you as acid bubbles on your skin.
Proxy parries your attack.
Your body mutates around Proxy's attack.
Your attack pierces Proxy's armor.
Your shriek «<+-*-+»> CRUCIFIES «<+-*-+»> Proxy! (Dam:769)
Proxy is DEAD!!You receive 1 experience points.
FATALITY! Wycket savagely tears off Proxy's face with razor sharp claws.
Proxy's severed head plops on the ground.

<23188hp 10397m 7945mv (none)exp -984 (Sneak) >
Thenuld cringes in terror.

<23188hp 10397m 7945mv (none)exp -984 (Sneak) >

Thenuld falls to the ground and rolls around laughing hysterically.

<23188hp 10397m 7945mv (none)exp -984 (Sneak) >
Strut your stuff.

<23188hp 10397m 7945mv (none)exp -984 (Sneak) >

PK LOGS!!!! by TorchDSTorchDS, 28 Aug 2016 18:57
Katauk (guest) 17 Jun 2016 18:19
in discussion Ideas Board / New Ideas » Sever

Sever sever

Sever by Katauk (guest), 17 Jun 2016 18:19
Storm Dragon racial
Katauk (guest) 15 Jun 2016 23:08
in discussion Ideas Board / Quick Tweaks » Storm Dragon racial

I think the damage can be toned down by half or more or removed and make it a constant 2 round stun, all dragon racials last 2 rounds so why not this one. The ability to stun on command is very powerful.

Storm Dragon racial by Katauk (guest), 15 Jun 2016 23:08

Sun Jun 5 20:39:10 2016
To: all
Can we get the limit up a little more then 5.
not talking about a huge jump just a few more
like to 7 or maybe 8.

Drogon: Forms memorized by DSJulianDSJulian, 05 Jun 2016 20:41

Sun Jun 5 20:44:30 2016
To: imm
after somebodies blinded.maybe it.could add other affects
curse.disease.poison vamp.frost

Amadus: ray of truth by DSJulianDSJulian, 05 Jun 2016 20:40

I thought there was already a failure message - we are looking in to it.

Implementor, Devil's Silence MUD 5000

[ 91] Xamedu: There are some dopples which even at 101 you can attempt to dopple but will never succeed. It would
Sun Jun 5 06:20:49 2016
To: all
be nice to just simply not allow us to dopple (too complex) or let us know we'll never succed.

Sun Jun 5 04:07:02 2016
To: all
Hows about can be cast before battle to help with initators
like backstab, assassinate, charge, chromatic salvo, etc…
start with chainlightning to stun, etc…

Zook: slots
DSJulianDSJulian 05 Jun 2016 17:40
in discussion Ideas Board / Quick Tweaks » Zook: slots

Thu Jun 2 20:51:42 2016
To: all
Up the max amount you can slot back to 1000, yes it will mean ppl may have even
more plat then they already do but I also think it will help get a large amount
of plat out of circulation since most ppl have an abundance of it. At least up it
500, 100 just seems way to low with how much money everyone has.

Zook: slots by DSJulianDSJulian, 05 Jun 2016 17:40

Thu Jun 2 20:45:04 2016
To: all
I agree with what Katauk said, casters are at a significant disadvantage currently and that could really help them.

Zook: RE: critical magic by DSJulianDSJulian, 05 Jun 2016 17:39

[ 85] Amadus: thanx 4 reply
Wed Jun 1 14:44:54 2016
To: famine imm
yea i.see your point its hard to change when youd have to change
maybe one day we can make these.classes more.enjoyable to play like morph sorc blade ninja

Re: Amadus: changing knight by DSJulianDSJulian, 05 Jun 2016 17:38

[ 84] Famine: RE: changing knight
Wed Jun 1 09:05:19 2016
To: imm amadus
Unfortunately, Knights have a lot of damage output right now with good HP.
With the right gear, they have good AC, beastmode Hit/Dam and great attribute buffers
for rotting and poison. This means, unless you skill daze them, chances
of preventing their dirt kick, disarm and rub is minimal.

Adding in additional skills to make them more fun to play or even more skillful at this stage
is hard. But, it's likely doable if we balance all classes.
We would have to reduce some of their attack damage.
Then add that damage elsewhere like in say, a active skill attack.

But, then it comes down to what separates Knights from Wardancers?

Re: Amadus: changing knight by DSJulianDSJulian, 05 Jun 2016 17:38

Wed Jun 1 03:12:03 2016
To: imm
they should consist more than shield smash dirt kick disarm
Maybe a more u ique different skill or go in some sort of direction this class only does aciuple things….

Amadus: changing knight by DSJulianDSJulian, 05 Jun 2016 17:38
Dex: alch breach
DSJulianDSJulian 05 Jun 2016 17:37
in discussion Community / Feedback » Dex: alch breach

Tue May 31 09:57:31 2016
To: all
Alch's have lvl 126 on breach wands and I can barely breach a person with -95 saves, meanwhile most ppl are running around
with upwards of -130 saves.

Dex: alch breach by DSJulianDSJulian, 05 Jun 2016 17:37

Tue May 31 01:58:12 2016
To: all
I've always kind of thought this but n ever idead it. Could we maybe make it so at level 1 when you
typed skill or spell it showed ALL your spells. The spells that you do not know would maybe show up as Sword 0% or something.

I guess its not a huge deal or anything but personally I think itd be nice.

Thanos: pk
DSJulianDSJulian 05 Jun 2016 17:36
in discussion Community / Feedback » Thanos: pk

Mon May 30 17:05:57 2016
To: imm
can we make it.worth something i find myself.not wanting to pk because of a kill or death record…
and.nothing else.

Thanos: pk by DSJulianDSJulian, 05 Jun 2016 17:36
Locke: goblins
DSJulianDSJulian 05 Jun 2016 17:35
in discussion Community / Feedback » Locke: goblins

Thu Jun 2 03:32:11 2016
To: immortals
maybe make it so only 1 person can enter the portal, and the goblin's dont spawn more than 1
annoyign to be searching for hours for a portal only to have a group of 5 ppl who are farming the fuck out of goblins to come in kill the mob in 3 seconds and take all the gear.

Locke: goblins by DSJulianDSJulian, 05 Jun 2016 17:35

Wed Jun 1 02:25:25 2016
To: immortals
so i have gotten most of this new gear and its clear that casters get basicly nothing from these items.
am already wearing 500 hp gear, with -4 saves
so im not gaining any hp, or saves really, good AC though.
on the other hand though, melee is gaining like 150 hp, 15 hit/dam 2 saves, and on the other gear its just Hit/dam buff's up to 40 and saves..
casters get basicly no benifit from these new items.
maybe make gear for casters to wear, with higher than 500 hp, and AC, with next to no hit/dam
make 2 different sets of dragonscale arms, higher than 500 hp for casters, and like no hit/dam

all this new gear benifits melee so much more than casters, which casters basicly get zero benifit, like 4 more saves overall, oh good, now i got -134 saves…..
but add up the stats gained for melee will are something like 400 hp overall, and 75/hit dam and about 6-8 saves.. not even close to being par.
so instead of nerfing shit into the ground, just make a caster peices.

[ 29] Praibas: Morph Skill List.
Tue May 31 22:59:35 2016
To: all
Looks like you're missing lightning bolt, which has I believe 2 locations.


Re: Drogon: Morph wiki by DSJulianDSJulian, 05 Jun 2016 17:34

[ 28] Drogon: Wiki Moprh list
Tue May 31 17:30:08 2016
To: all
Ok iv added in Stun from the best one i found and added in 2nd dual now too
list should be completed now if you see something i missed and dont feel like
updating it yourself note me and ill add it in when i get to it

Re: Drogon: Morph wiki by DSJulianDSJulian, 05 Jun 2016 17:33
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