SPELL                        Group: Weaves
The elements of air and water complement each other as the calm and also
merciless actions of water are enhanced by the gusting fury of 
the winds.  Together they are capable of causing lethal weather 
conditions, where only the caster is safe.

Poison Cloud: This possesses both poison and air qualities, and when   
              cast, causes a shower of toxic rain that damages and  
              envenoms victims. 

Freeze:  Freeze encases the opponent in a thin layer of ice, 
         completely disabling all actions for a short amount of time.

Cyclone: This spell is a double-edged sword as it can hit and daze
         the opponent several times per casting, but it can also hit 
         you as well.

Rains of Healing: When cast, it causes a gentle storm that pours down 
                  pure water, which provides powerful healing to all in 
                  the area.

Classes and levels for freeze:
elder       : 92
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