SPELL                        Group: Transportation
The gate spell is a powerful transportation magic that opens up a 
portal between your character and another person or creature 
somewhere else in the world.  This portal will transport you and 
any pet you might have, but not other members of your group.  
Monsters receive a save against gate, and monster or players more 
than 3 levels higher than you can not be gated to at all.  God 
rooms, private rooms, and no recall rooms cannot be gated to, and
no recall rooms cannot be gated out of.  Finally, any god or hero 
is also immune to gate, as well as any player who has no summon set. 
Clan members may not be gated to except by their fellow Clan members.     

Classes and levels for gate:
mage        : 57  cleric      : 57  acolyte     : 57  
sorcerer    : 37  bishop      : 37  elder       : 75  
morpheous   : 101 battlemage  : 60  alchemist   : 75  
lich        : 37
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