Gryphon Aviary
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Gryphon Aviary ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Long ago, the gryphons settled upon this rocky crag and turned it into
the Gryphon Aviary.  Due to their inability to work with their hands, they
recruited several humans to live with them and act as their hands, while they,
themselves, acted as the protection to the humans.  They co-habitate in a 
series of caves, carved by the strong claws of the gryphons, and will continue
to do so forever, for they are happy on their mountain, their home.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Gryphon Aviary ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Level Range: 71-80             Builders: Alecca & Leto

From Solennir:  10sw5se4se3s3unw24n2wnd3ne

Portal:  sd2ws
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