It is important to understand about your character's health. One of the first things to do after creating your character is to customize your prompt. Your prompt is a line (or two) that gives you constant information about your character's health (hit points, mana, movement). Hitpoints is the maximum life that you have. The more hitpoints you have, the more damage you can take in a fight. Mana is for the use of magic. If you cast a spell it costs mana points. Movement points are how far your character can move without resting. Type 'help prompt' in the game and you will get:

Syntax: prompt
prompt all
prompt <%*>

PROMPT with out an argument will turn your prompt on or off.

PROMPT ALL will give you the standard "<hits mana moves>" prompt.

PROMPT <%*> where the %* are the various variables you may set yourself.

%h : Display your current hits
%H : Display your maximum hits
%m : Display your current mana
%M : Display your maximum mana
%v : Display your current moves
%V : Display your maximum moves
%x : Display your current experience
%X : Display experience to level
%p : Display your platinum held
%g : Display your gold held
%g : Display your silver held
%a : Display your alignment
%r : Display the room name you are in
%T : Display if you have any saved tells when storing tells
%e : Display the exits from the room in NESWDU style
%q : Display time until your next quest
%c : Display a carriage return (useful for multi-line prompts)
%R : Display the vnum you are in (IMMORTAL ONLY)
%z : Display the area name you are in (IMMORTAL ONLY)
%S : Display if you are Sneaking
%G : Display if you are Camo/Cham
%A : Display if you are Swalking
%Q : Display when IQ flag is on
%D : Display if you are Shrouded
%W : Display which weaves/stance/dance you are using

Prompts are highly individual, but this is mine: %h/%H %m/%M %v/%V %q %e %T %c. It tells me my current hitpoints/maxmimum hp (%h/%H); current mana/max mana %m/%M); current moves/max (%v/%V); how much time I have until I can aquest again (%q), the exits in the room I am in (%e), and if I received any tells (personal messages) while I was fighting (%t). Prompts can be colored, if you like.

Resting and Sleeping Like in real life, it is important to be fully rested to be as strong as possible. From Market Square, the healer is located 3n (or 1 north of recall - if you type 'recall temple' or '/temple' and go north, you can get there also). There is a glyph that you can sleep on that will heal your hp, mana, and move. Type "sleep glyph" to go to sleep, or "rest glyph" to rest and be able to chat with the other people playing in the room. There is a mobile named Jaelen in the room. Jaelen is a healer who will help you with some spells that may have worn off from your initial character creation or she can heal some bad things that have happened to you. Type 'heal' in the room for a list of things she can help you with:

I offer the following spells:
serious: cure serious wounds 15 gold
critic: cure critical wounds 25 gold
heal: healing spell 50 gold
blind: cure blindness 20 gold
disease: cure disease 15 gold
poison: cure poison 25 gold
uncurse: remove curse 50 gold
refresh: restore movement 5 gold
mana: restore mana 10 gold
weaken: removes weaken spell 100 gold
renewal: renews your buffs 1000 gold
Type heal <type> to be healed.

Cure serious, critic, heal will all heal hit points. The more the spell costs, the better the spell will work, but honestly it's more effective to just recover in the glyph. (Don't waste your money). If you can't see anything (check your affects for blindness), you may have been blinded. Typing 'cure blind' will have Jaelen cast the cure blindness spell on you to help you recover your vision. If you are shivering and suffering, you are poisoned, type 'cure poison' to heal that. If you 'writhe in agony from the plague', typing 'cure disease will heal that. If you have been cursed, and can't recall, you'll see the message 'Alecca has forsaken you'. This means you have to type 'heal uncurse'. Heal uncurse will also remove cursed flags from objects, allowing you to drop them. 'Heal refresh' and 'restore mana' heals movement and mana, respectively, but again, it's easier to recover in the glyph. 'Heal weaken' will remove the weaken affect. and 'heal renewal' will reset the timer to maximum on all your spell postitive affects.

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