Ice Hallow
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Ice Hallow ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
The fortress of Ice Hallow stands out like a torch of hope in the cold
touch of death; the last of the fortresses built to combat the Devil.
It is now filled with stern and determined defenders who shrug off
cold and stand guard waiting for evil to return.  Ice Hallow has been
besieged two times since the Great War, both times by barbarians and
giants, but it has never fallen.  The walls of the fortress are
decorated by poles displaying the frozen skulls of their former
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Ice Hallow ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Level Range: All         Builder: Alecca

From Solennir:  10sw5se4se3s3unw24n2wnd3nwnw3nw3n2w3nu3n4w5n3w2nenenene4n3en

Portal:  sdws
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