-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ The Isles ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
The Isles is a grouping of small island chains that house
various peoples.  Due to a long overdue peace, the 
inhabitants of each isle tend to stay to themselves, tired
of constant battles and wars.  The peace remains...shall
you be the one to once again shatter their lives and homes?
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ The Isles ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Level Range: 50-101          Builders: Alecca & Leto 

From Solennir: 9es5e2n2eswses2ws2e

From Area Entrance:

Fire Ants Island: 2s2w12s5e

The Secret Cove: 2s2w16seseses3e3s2w10s5ene

Isadina Island: senw14s3w

A Small Atoll: senw15sesese2ses

The Lagoon: senw15sesese2se12sw

A Tropical Island:senw5s

Golden Sands: senw15sesese2se13se7ne4nw13se7ne4n

Dense Foliage: senw15sesese2se13se7ne2ne

Portal:  sdsw
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