Kerrick's Feedback

Philosophy of the MUD:
PURE Player Killing MUD?

Goals to promote philosophy:
Reduce barriers to competitive and engaging player killing
Give players a reason to keep playing(PK'ing)

Evaluate the role of skill % and it's value to gameplay

  • skill tokens from aqp?
  • what if there is no such thing as aqp?
  • no skill tokens?
  • the pk value of stun at 100% is much higher than something like whip
  • should skills even have a %? i.e. you practiced it or not/0% or 100%
  • should skillups be a trivial component of character building?

Adequate EQ-ing is one of the most powerful deterrents from promoting PK.

  • should the entire eq database be consolidated and sold in shops?
  • currency involved in "eq shops"?
  • min-maxers/competitive types hate having to collect a full set of eq (which can take days-weeks)
  • A forseeable consequence of no traditional eq-ing = more alts/more replay value


  • why should levelling exist? Or more than 1 tier?
  • if the reason for levelling is learning-curve maybe there are better alternatives to making everyone go through the tiers?
  • a forseeable consequence of no levelling = more alts/more replay value

PK Rewards

  • is current PKPoint system effective?
  • rewards for being powerful/dominant should not make you more powerful/dominant IMO
  • I think cosmetic rewards i.e. restrings, special strings, special slots for reward eq w/no stats, special strings on who etc. are viable incentives provided they aren't attainable otherwise(create value where none previously was without creating imbalance)
  • What are alternatives to a PKPoint system?

Hunger and thirst part of the game?

Factions/Domination/Keep warfare etc.

  • This should probably be something of a lesser priority/down the road implementation. Don't try to trick out your car if the thing doesn't even run or isn't worth driving
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