Lake Minterpia
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Lake Minterpia ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Lake Minterpia has deep, dark waters and its cold motionless surface lies
dormant even when wind blows over it.  The locals fish for great beast-like 
fish in its depths, but sometimes get more than they bargained for as the 
creatures of the depths claim their due.  It is rumored that there was once
a temple that floated atop the lake, but was consumed by the lake.  Supposedly,
the temple rests at the bottom of the lake, harboring monstrosities unkown.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Lake Minterpia ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Level Range:  All                 Builder:  Teitiach

From Solennir:  10sw5se4se3s3unw7n6e

Portal:  sden
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