Leech Swarm
SPELL                       Group: Necromancy
The ability to summon a swarm of creatures to a Lich's aid is one of it's
primary assets.  Each creature alone does not do any significant harm, but
when massed together they can be quite threatening.  Below is a list of all
of the creatures a Lich can mass together.  After summoning a swarm a Lich
must take some time to recuperate before summoning another swarm.  

  Leech:  The leeches will latch onto an opponent, slowly draining the
  enemy of their magical essence. The longer the leeches remain  
  attached, the more they will drain, but the leeches can not stay for 
  very long.

  Rat:  An army of rats will rush an opponent, biting them fiercely.  
  The rats have been corrupted by the undead influence, and as such 
  their bite is infested with disease.

  Vulture: Summoning a flock of vultures to storm an opponent, they 
  peck relentlessly.  Due to their practices of feeding on the dead,
  the vultures peck can be quite toxic.

  Scarab:Summons a swarm of scarabs infused with death magic to attack
  the victim drowning them in a swarm of cursed insects to ruin their
  magic wards.

  Maggot:  Summons a swarm of maggots infused with negative

Classes and levels for leech swarm:
acolyte     : 82  lich        : 72
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