Legend Of The Dragon


Few creatures are feared as much as dragons, a gigantic
breed of lizard capable of mass destruction with both magic and brute
force. However, legends speak only of whelps, which are merely weaker
forms of their predecessors, the greater elemental dragons. During the
time when the worlds were just created, where chaos reigned and the
only law was survival of the fittest, dragons were hatched as physical
manifistations of the elements. The gods, who were amazed at how
something so powerful could exist without divine origins, tried to
enslave them for personal benefits. The few gods who understood what
they were forbade their cousins to act, for the destruction or
enslavement of the dragons meant enslaving the element itself, which
would undo the delicate fabric of creation. However, they all agreed
that the great powers the dragons posses cannot go unchecked. And so,
through an oath that was even forbidden to use by the gods, they cast
magical seals on the dragons, binding them inside weaker physical
After many eons had passed, different cultures had developed
faiths based on the dragons. Some worshipped them for better harvests
or better times, but some were fanatics, bent on wandering the realms
to free their "gods". Legends say that inside of each dragon there
exists the pure essence of their nature in the form of a heartstone.
They also mention that a power will be granted to the one who possesses
all the heartstones, granting powers as great as creation itself.

However, many suns have set since these legends began, and have become
too convoluted with lies to discern the truth save for one thing, an
ancient tome. Written by a sage, it contains the names of the dragons
and where they reside, still trapped. Unfortunately, the location of
this book is unknown, but rumors tell of a man clad in rune armor
who was last seen with a map leading to the book. This warrior was last
seen heading east out of Solennir and was never seen again. He was heard
mumbling something about sunken temples and forgotten graves.

  1. Maelstrom, queen of the depths carries Heartstone of Water
  2. Arborax the void of darkness carries Heartstone of Darkness
  3. The-beast-that-never-sleeps carries Heartstone of Earth
  4. Brimstone, blood of the earth carries Heartstone of Heat
  5. Scorch, elder dragon of fire carries Heartstone of Fire
  6. Verkurath, the tear of Elsbeth carries Heartstone of Light
  7. Illyana, storm mother carries Heartstone of Air
  8. Frostbite, carries the Heartstone of Cold

Mob Locations (Mob Name - Area - Room - Directions from entrance)

  1. Maelstrom - The Ocean - Lair - 3ed13eu5e2s4e5s4d3s
  2. Arborax - The Plains of Nether - Heart of Darkness - 3d3wsd
  3. The-beast-that-never-sleeps - The Enchanted Forest - A Shroud of Leaves - nenwswnenwnw2esws3enene3s4eses3e
  4. Brimstone - Chronos - Close to the core of the earth - 2n4enwn;enter time;enter pre;all north;2w;all north;east;all down
  5. Scorch - The Isles - -=Under the Sand=- - 2s2w12s5eseesssed
  6. Verkurath - The Zodiac - Among the Stars - d; enter pool; open down;d
  7. Illyana - StormPeak - Behind the wall of storm clouds - 3u4e4u
  8. Frostbite - The Tundra - Frostbite's Lair - neds

Connects - Level One
Connect Air + Earth = Heartstone of the Raging Twister
Connect Light + Dark = Heartstone of Twilight
Connect Fire + Water = Heartstone of Universal Paradox
Connect Cold + Heat = Heartstone of the Crystal Oath

Connects - Level Two
Connect Oath + Twister = Heartstone of the Coming Storm
Connect Paradox + Twilight = Heartstone of the Impending Doom

Connects - Level Three
Connect Storm + Doom = Creation Unraveled

[Name] creation unraveled dragonlegend
[Short description] Creation unraveled
[Wear bits ] take
[Extra bits ] glow hum magic bless non_metal burn_proof no_uncurse
[Weight ] 1/ 1/ 1 (10th pounds)
[Level ] 101 [Cost ] 100000 [Condition] 100
[ 1] affect: mods none by 0, level 101 permanently.
Adds regeneration affect.
[ 2] affect: mods none by 0, level 101 permanently.
Adds sneak affect.
[ 3] affect: mods saves by -3, level 101 permanently.
[ 4] affect: mods hp by 350, level 101 permanently.
[ 5] affect: mods hp_regen by 10, level 101 permanently.
[ 6] affect: mods damage roll by 40, level 101 permanently.
[ 7] affect: mods hit roll by 40, level 101 permanently.

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