Lightning Breath
SPELL                          Group: Draconian
Over the ages, some Mages have dedicated a large portion of their lives
developing and enchancing new and powerful spells in order to show 
their superiority over other things.  Combining the magicks of theirs 
and dragons, the draconian spells were created.  Since the dragon magic 
were derived from various elements, Mages are capable of casting an 
array of breath attacks.

Fire Breath: This powerful spell scorches opponents with an intense 
             cone of flames, capable of blinding foes, and even  
             destroying unprotected containers.

Frost Breath: Using the essence of an ice dragon, this spell envelopes 
              the opponent in a sheet of ice, making them more
              vulnerable to attacks.  This attack can also destroy 
              unprotected potions.

Lightning Breath: This is one of the most powerful spells in the realms 
                  as it channels the energy of storms into a bolt of
                  lightning to decimate a foe.

Gas Breath:   Originating from bogs and swamps, this breath attack 
              emanates a dark cloud that chokes opponents, and infects 
              them with a potent toxin.

Acid Breath:  When cast, this spell splashes opponents with a highly
              corrosive liquid that eats away anything it comes into 
              contact with, whether it be armor or flesh.


Classes and levels for lightning breath:
mage        : 101 sorcerer    : 86
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