Lost Hold Of Kholem Renk Ghaz
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Lost Hold of Kholam Renk Ghaz ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Within the Thunderbeast Mountains lies the Lost Hold of Kholam Renk Ghaz.
A dwarven fortress, abandoned by its owners when the Devil and his
minions drove the dwarves from it, nows lies in wait for another owner.
Ghosts and phantoms can be heard moaning, whispering that something has
come to control the abandoned fortress.  What once teamed with life now
lies silent, forever marking the actions of the Devil.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Lost Hold of Kholam Renk Ghaz ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Level Range: All         Builder: Teitiach

From Solennir:  10sw5se4se3s3unw24n2wnd3nwnw3nw3n2w3nusw6n6e2s7e3se2s3w3sd

Portal:  sdes
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