-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Lyonesse ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Lyonesse is a town rich in history.  It is said that it is the birthplace 
of Tristam, and home to the Lady of the Lake.  Due to it's seaside 
location, the town thrives with trade from lands all over.  The magical 
aura of the town is ensconsed with the fact that the "other" people still 
are around...the piskies and the giants.

(OOC: Lyonesse is supposedly a town that existed in England, but was sent 
crashing into the seas because of Merlin's wrath.  Some people argue that 
it is what we now think of today as Atlantis.  I have tried to keep the 
area as historically correct as possible, which is hard on a MUD, but enjoy!)
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Lyonesse ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Level Range: 81 - 90          Builder: Alecca

From Solennir: 9es5e2n2eswses2wses

Portal:  sd3wn
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