Everything listed is in the following format:
Weapon Name
Damage Noun
Weapon Flags

AquaMace Drowning
Flaming Frost Sharp
Tramont (Tramont Guard)

A Spiked Hammer Iron
Vampiric Shocking Osmosis Jinx hum dark invis nodrop anti-good melt_drop no_uncurse
Xarahad (Merlerner)
-Merlerner is located in the Stables section of Xarahad, on the first floor of the castle, towards the north.

BeetleShade Shadow
frost wpoison accursed
Giant Tulip (flea beetle)

Flaming Mace Fire
Flaming Sharp Jinx Wpoison Regeneration
Xarahad Felil

Some Padding Silver
No Weapon Flags No_Locate
Effiminate Dwarf (Transvestite Gnome)

Wasp Droppings Wood
Frost Vorpal Acidic Shocking
Giant Tulip (Wasp)

Mind Warper Mental
Frost Sharp Two-Handed Rotting Earth No_remove
Lake Minterpia (Sunken Temple) (Statue of an Ancient Hero)

Chopsticks Wood
Frost Sharp Vorpal
Bangzui Gardens (Pok Too)

Dwarven Tetra Mace Bash
Two-Handed Rotting Accursed Obfuscate
Lost Hold (Perplexed Centurion)

Stone Minotaur Warhammer Earth
Vorpal Two-Handed Light Earth Accursed
Seven Sins (Grush)

Mace of Mist Cascade
Vampiric Rotting Depletion Saves -3; Dex +3; HR +30; DR +10
Thieves Bazaar (Bandit Merchange - sale item)

Zephyr's Vengeance Wind
Frost Accursed Obfuscate Exhaustion
No Extras
Enchanted Forest
Elven Ranger

Marble Rolling Pin Crush
Frost Shocking Earth
HR +30; DR +30; Mana +300; AC -30
Nocturne Keep
Tirama, the Nocturne Keep Chef

[ 590] the Blessed Death
[ 2107] Mind Warper
[ 2909] Thunderstrike Warhammer
[ 3626] Dwarven Tetra-Mace
[ 5376] Mace of Mist
[ 5843] a mithril mace
[ 5850] a Cursed Mace
[ 8096] a mithril mace
[ 9409] some padding
[11717] A large Warclub named 'Strife'
[14718] some wasp droppings
[14726] BeetleShade
[20520] Power of [SiN]
[21912] chopsticks
[32007] Wooden maul
[32835] AquaMace
[33532] a spiked hammer
[35042] Silver Mace
[35094] Soup Ladel
[35318] a Sack o' Kittens
[35319] a Sack o' Squirrels
[41020] a Marble Rolling Pin
[77903] treant's arm
[78181] Stormbringer
[79016] Hammer of forging
[87301] A Pillow
[87308] A Chicken Bone
[87341] Khalor's Brutal Mace
[91328] a Cursed Mace
[92226] A Boulder-tipped Stick

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