SPELL                        Group: Weaves
Alone, the elements of fire and earth each contain great power, 
punishing foes with the wrath of nature.  However, when combined, 
spells of immense power are created, leaving few who possess enough 
courage to go against such magic.

Lava Golem:  Casting this will fuse lava and insidious rock, creating a 
             loyal minion.  It may not deal a lot of damage, but its
             burning fists can blind opponents.

Meteor:      This spell summons an enormous rock from beyond the stars
             to desolate all who are in the area with searing flames.

Heat Metal:  This will cause pieces equipment to overheat, forcing the 
             wearer to drop the pieces in order to avoid massive burns.

Embers:      This spell possesses both fire and earth properties, and  
             drains the opponent's moves for some time after being hit
             by the spell.

Classes and levels for meteor:
elder       : 100
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